Read Matthew 23:1-5. What do you think is Jesus’ main criticism of these people? Do you think that these types of people still exist today? How should we respond to them?

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      Jesus main criticism is on people of hypocrisy who place burdens on others and don’t face these burdens themselves. I believe hypocrites exist to this very day. We must lead by example and call out the actions of these hypocrites.

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      I believe Jesus was trying to warn them of what they were doing wrong. Yes it still takes place and as believers we need to be patient and talk with them

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      Jesus’ main criticism was that the religionist were living to please the eyes of people and not living in a way to please God. They were only concerned about how others saw them and not how God saw them…which is through what was in their heart. I certainly do think these people exist today and they are at the very core of what is wrong with Christianity and why so many look at Christians as hypocrites and bigots. It is hard, very hard, but we must remind them of the word and to help them understand what Jesus has commanded of us and the example He lived for us.

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      Jesus’s main criticism is that these people live as though they are above everyone else. They give tasks and direction that they feel don’t apply to them, just to everyone else. They have head knowledge but now heart knowledge. They want the attention to be important, but on the outside only. They missed the gift of grace. I do think that these types of people still exist today. We are a world of wanting to be noticed and be important. We should respond to them as any of those that do not have the heart knowledge of Christ. We should respond with love and compassion so that they will be open to learning the truth and be drawn to the One Who will make their lives truly peaceful and full.

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