Reflect on a new way you can apply Psalm 23 in your life as a result of studying this lesson.

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      In the psalms, it speaks to both relationship as well provision. in the first of the psalms, it speaks to GOD’s relationship with his ppl(sheep). In the second part of the psalms, GOD’s provision is illuminated. Applying it to my life, I recognize yet again how important a relationship with GOD is. I am also encouraged to refocus my energy on Him who provides all I need and want in spite of who I may perceive my enemy to be.

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      Lynna Hadley

      God is always with us, through good and bad.

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      Reflecting on my past challenges “valleys of darkness” I can see how God was with me. Now with stresses and conflicts in every day life I speak to him through this Psalm and I’m finding more peace in my life.

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      Jie en

      As Christ passed to glory through death in His earthly life, so also will I suffer in this world through darkest valleys. But He will guide me safely through these valleys because He made it safely through himself.

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      After studying Psalm 23, I realize the Lord is guiding and blessing my life.

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      Allow the LORD ,HOLY Spirit to guide my life in every situation there are evil beings seeking to destroy what the most high FATHER has created.Each situation that I encounter will either be positive or negative .Learning to keep my FAITH through it all will be comforting just knowing the LORD has saved me once again from the dangers I can & cannot see.

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      God is ever present with us. He will always lead, guide, and protect us, whether through hilltops or valleys.

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      Psalm 23 teaches us the importance of following our Savior Lord Jesus and finding peace in Him – on a day to day basis – which will result further in abundant life now and in the future in His kingdom.

      In the lecture, Dr. Heim mentioned that Psalm 23 can be divided into two imageries – God as our Shepherd as well as our Banquet Host. As a shepherd, God guides, protects, and provides our needs. We can also find peace in God as His sheep. As a banquet host, God prepares for us a plenty of food and drink which symbolize abundant life as well as heaven.

      In the New Testament, Jesus also used similar imageries. He is the good shepherd who lays down his life for our salvation (John 10:11). We are His sheep, and we ought to listen to His calling and follow Him – and find peace (John 10:28, 14:27). Jesus also welcomes those who follow Him into the great banquet – which symbolizes abundance in this life as well as in heaven (Luke 14:15-24).

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      Psalm 23 has always been a Psalm I could read for comfort. In the lesson not only was that reinforced but the added dimension of the depth of the various “shadows” that might contain evil and knowing that God will be with me even there, really blesses my being.

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      This Psalm is a reassurance that God is ever present with us through all seasons of life.

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      Psalm 23 teaches us that God is our comforter. When we are alone, afraid, in need of help, God is there to provide for us. But also, God loves us. He welcomes us, he serves us, he is our host.

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      I can use the knowledge that the Lord is with me in all of my dark valleys and will protect me. Also, that the Lord is my Host and I am His guest.

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      We can trust God for “good times” and “bad times”. If we think through the metaphor of sheep and shepherd, then we see Jesus controls the “rod and staff”, our travel, our “table and cup” — everything is from and for God.

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      We can live in both a negative place and a positive place and still know that God is with us in both places. This is a friendly reminder that God is with us in “the fire.”

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      I also especially liked “metaphors help us… by bringing a symbol, or a picture, and evoking something in us that helps us to understand something that is not as clear and visible to the human eye”.

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      We can expect to live in both secure places and dangerous places in our lives, but both places can be rewarding, fulfilling and life giving when we let Jesus direct, protect and comfort us.

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      I was able to observe the two types of relationships this psalm uses to encourage us in our relationship with the Lord: He is our Shepherd, the one who takes care of us, his sheep. Although we find ourselves in vulnerable and dangerous places, He is right there to guide, refresh and protect us. He is our Host at a banquet especially prepared for us, His guests, where we may feast and receive comfort and care.

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      I learned from this lesson about the 2 parts Sheep/Shepherd and Host/His Guest….. I’ve always put hope in God in during my ‘darkest moments’. Psalms is a reminder of God providing and protecting.

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      I never appreciated the powerful impact of blending two different metaphors.
      God provides my basic needs that is food and water in safe spaces. God gives me an anointed and fulfilling life in the presence of my enemies.

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      If the valley of deep darkness is the path from safety and security to the place of food and fulfilment, there is hope that not only is my Lord with me through dark and challenging times, but that the journey is worthwhile – that He is taking me to a good place that possibly cannot be reached by any other path, one that I can look forward to before I can see it, knowing that my Shepherd knows me better than I know myself and that He has plans for me beyond my imagination.

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        On further reflection… my journey through dark times may be hastened by yielding to the ‘comfort’ of my Shepherd. Turning to other comforts may result in me settling down in a place I want to hasten through.

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      Baboo samuel

      The Valley of Shadow of Death is no longer a dreaded way but one that we can have confidence when we pass it, even through the potential dangers of it, because it is rewarding and fulfilling.

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      I am reading this Psalm at the back end of the Covid 19 pandemic. As many people have said, I don’t ever remember experiencing any thing like this in my entire life. I followed all the rules and wore a mask, but I still felt like I was at risk. At the beginning of the pandemic, I prayed to God to be with me in this dark valley, and to keep me and my family from all danger. I prayed fervently and a couple of weeks in, my spirit felt Him tell me to focus on this Psalm, where it says, Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. I felt then that the Lord would be with me now in a bigger and more powerful place of safety throughout my daily life. I thank God for His answer to my prayers and His keeping and protecting power.

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      In this lesson, this psalm was explained so beautifully. I was reminded that we can’t always see the dangerous and challenging times ahead in our lives, but the Lord, my shepherd is always there to help, protect, guide me in the way best for me.
      To realize in a fresh way that as I go through things physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually, Gods going to be right beside me.
      The new way I can apply this to my life is, because the LORD is my Shepherd, I can cry out to Him as a lamb does when it is hurting, lost or needing protection.

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      In every life situation God is with us

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      God is my guide and protector.

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      In this life, we are faced with opportunities for advancement in our careers,but which entail moving from one safe place to another which is unknown. At these times we have to remember that God is always with us, leading us and guiding us, sometimes to greener pastures. So we need not fear.

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      God’s omnipresence with me in all circumstances, journeys, settings etc.
      God’s attendant provisions, guidance, protections, etc.
      God’s benevolence and hosting of all saints in His eternal glory, plans and purposes, etc.

      My needful human responses of faith in God at all times, confidence in God, reliance on God’s Word, trust in God, sense of resourcefulness in Christ Jesus, and my ultimate triumph in God etc.

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      Psalm 23 is without a doubt the most famous psalm of all time. It is known by both believers and non-believers. In today’s lesson I was able to learn the essence of metaphors in bringing to light visual images that believers go through by their comparison to sheep. Believers do go through many challenges in their walk on faith, these could both be physical and spiritual challenges. Just like sheep focus on the shepherd due to their vulnerability in times of danger so also is the believer to focus on the Lord in their day to day walk of faith.

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      A new way for me to apply Psalm 23 is for me to lighten challenges by imagining that I am a sheep walking in a valley that has ravenous wolves on both sides but that I am completely protected by God, my shepherd. That should help me realize that the challenges are nothing to fear.

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      Our Daily Bread
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