Reframing shifts the focus from the presenting problem to the deeper issue of relationships.Why is this shift important?

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      To stay on the level of presenting problem will press us towards inadequate “solutions” such as behavior management or identifying empathically. To seek what is beneath in the real of relationships moves to the place where God himself is relating to this individual.

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      Reframing the focus from the surface issue to deeper issues is important because dealing with the problem on the surface may or may not help but the results will never last. Maybe some one deals with controlling their anger for a short while but the deeper issues are still inside festering like an internal wound and will resurface themselves time and time again intel they are truly dealt with. Without shifting the focus to the deeper issues, you are only treating a symptom, putting a bandage over the problem , never actually addressing the internal wounds

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      We are relational at the core of our souls. It’s where God resides in the believer and where the abundant life emerges within us. Out of this life we can gain a great vision and appetite for God that will then become greater than the problem so that we can live for the glory of God.

      To get there we not only have to have a vision for them but an understanding of their story. The past, present, and spiritual stories and relationships of their lives. We must ask questions with curiosity to uncover what God is doing.

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      Because the problem is always not the problem, the problem is lying on damaged relationships on the present and the past.

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      The presenting problem is only the upper part of the iceberg. A certain behaviour pattern/incident can have a multitude of causes behind it so it’s important to explore those through looking at the role of relationships in the person’s soul-story.

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      At the point of reframing the focus, the person has opened up and given an invitation into their story. The past, present, immediate relationship questions can now give access to their relationship with God. The hope lies in turning their focus on God. The Spirit is the one who must lead and show the way to get to the spiritual heart received.

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      It’s important to consider what happened in their life or with other relationships that may have contributed to the way this problem is currently being manifested. It’s important for the person doing soul care to consider possibilities of how to do soul care and its important for the person with the problem to examine what happened in their soul to cause them to bring about the problem or allow the problem to come up.

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      Reframing enables us to move from focusing on the problems/ issues at hand to open up the opportunity to go deeper into getting to know what is going on with the souls. Reframing prevents us from falling into the habits of problem analysis and problem fixing. Unless we understand the root cause to the battle of the soul, be honest in acknowledging and facing it; no true repentance or spiritual growth can take place.

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      When I think of reframing – I think of it as in the house building process. We have remodeled several homes in the past 20 years, and the last one we attempted, was our largest and hardest. Why? Because we had to take it down to the studs (interior) and start over. Once you take off the outer layers, and get to what the structure looks like, only then you will find what “supports” you will need as you build back. This is also important in relationships. Once you know where they stand, and what needs rebuilding, reframing, more attention, then you can hopefully build back stronger.

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      If we didn’t shift the focus from the presenting problem to deeper issues we would only be looking at the surface of the iceberg. By shifting focus we can begin to descend down into the depths of the icberg to explore together the persons inner workings. They may not have even stopped to think about the response or even the atmosphere of their relationship with others. We would never hit the “confusion” and never truly enter someones soul. we would just be standing at the surface while the objective of our goal is at the very bottom of the iceberg. That bottom is the working and the wanting of the Spirit in their life.

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      Because we’re not just trying to solve or fix the presenting problem in soulcare. We ultimately want to invigorate an apetite for God, or a relationship with God that outstands all things including the presenting problem.

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      I truly enjoyed the diagram that was displayed to illustrate the point of moving below the waterline. I believe that the reframing model is significant to consider as it allows the person to be reflective of his or her circumstances and the actions that were taken. It was helpful when Dr. Crabb had indicated that our initial response should be to THINK VISION. To already place this individual in a better spot by picturing him or her as solid, anchored and deep. By asking the simple questions it provides an opportunity to reframe the question to move toward various periods of time that will help them understand the action that was taken in the moment. Such shift shows the individual and highlights the need for having a relationship with Christ. It can show patterns of behavior that been recurring and it can also show how it has impacted our relationships with others. All in all, it is an honor when someone can share his or her experiences by creating a safe place and allowing the Spirit to move.

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      Shifting from the presenting problem to the deeper issue of relationships is important because it moves the person to think more deeply about what the real problem is that we as all humans deal with: self-centeredness. Focusing on the presenting problem is a distraction, either subconsciously or consciously, that will hinder the person’s ability to go deeper and address the disease of our soul.

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      Jesus gave us the two strongest commandments of loving him with our heart soul and mind and loving your neighbor as ourselves in part because we need them. Trials give us the opportunity to build perseverance and character. The way we react to trials will keep us where we are or help us grow in relationship. Shifting from the difficulty to the relationships is the way that we grow. The lecture showed us how to do this with someone who is interested in doing so. Those reflective questions and time getting to the deeper issue is important. My questions are what to do if someone reacts to those questions because they interpret them negatively and do not want to get any deeper.

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      Focus on relationships takes us to the story of the soul, which is where we want to get to. If we stay with the presenting problem, we will be more tempted to analyze and help instead of being curious, and stirring up an appetite for God.

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      Trauma and our responses to it are often formed by relationships (how did others around us model responses to trauma? How did they cause us hurt?) Presenting problems are merely the “tip of the iceberg” and driven by the emotions generated by the internal world of the person and their relationships. Addressing the problem may temporarily blunt the consequences of a particular incident, but will not be able to change the core of the relationships, which may result in insecurity, anger, loneliness, etc. Getting at the internal world will shift a person toward vulnerability instead of trying to make themselves “look” better in their surface-level behavior, and confront the statements that control and drive their relationships.

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      Our reactions to things are a learned habit from our growing up. If we are not aware of that as we get older and make necessary changes, we are still reacting from our initial response that our brain takes us to from years ago. There are always reasons why we react the way we do – past hurts, the way we were treated or even neglected growing up. The root problem when it is acknowledged will never be changed, but it can be redeemed by Christ as we move towards Him in the process. Reframing is going to help us get to where we need to do our best healing in the situation and allowing God to carry our burdens.

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      We have momentary problems and frustrations; but our reactions to those things stem from something much deeper. Whether that is because we are prideful, or self-centered, or we have been hurt and we are trying to protect ourselves– the immediate problem only tells a bit of the entire story. As we look at our relationships, it helps us to understand our most important relationship, and we can (in time) turn our eyes to our creator and the one who redeems us, even with all of the hurts and frustrations in this life.

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      The shift is so important because it helps take the person on a journey with you to see the true inner being of themselves. It helps them travel through the course of their emotional, physical and spiritual life. It allows them to get a better vision of theirself as they connect with others, issues, situations. Once they have begun this journey at each stage to understand and see more. They become eager to explore even further. This begins to give them a desire to want to know more. Thusly, guiding them to want a deeper relationship with God. Each step gets them closer and deeper to where they need to be.

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      The reframing shift is important because it helps to find the source of the root of the real outside behavior that is causing the problems. To be healed inside out. That’s what ONLY THE WORD OF GOD can do for EVERY SOUL to be transform from the inside out.

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      The importance of reframing shift is is helps in soulcare for the individual to see past relationships play a role in the problems we face today. As one goes about life’s journey, it helps to know where they have been & how life circumstances have molded them today.

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      It’s moving from ‘fixing the problem,” to “building a relationship;
      from “an expert” to “sojourner on the same journey” towards the compelling vision of “Christ-like.”
      from ‘an armchair general’ to “fellow soldiers” battling for the soul together for Christ.
      from ‘symptomatic treatment’ to “root issues – healing from the inside out.”

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      The presenting problem is usually just an outward manifestation of deeper issues of relationships. For effective soul care to take place we need to help guide the conversation into the story of the soul. To identify the real root cause of this battle in the soul.

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      Because the presenting problem is a very small part of the whole. It is the result of a far deeper issue which has yet to be revealed The presenting problem cannot be dealt with without the wisdom to get the client to reveal the underlying issues(the below the water stuff)

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