Reframing shifts the focus from the presenting problem to the deeper issue of relationships.Why is this shift important?

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      We have momentary problems and frustrations; but our reactions to those things stem from something much deeper. Whether that is because we are prideful, or self-centered, or we have been hurt and we are trying to protect ourselves– the immediate problem only tells a bit of the entire story. As we look at our relationships, it helps us to understand our most important relationship, and we can (in time) turn our eyes to our creator and the one who redeems us, even with all of the hurts and frustrations in this life.

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      The shift is so important because it helps take the person on a journey with you to see the true inner being of themselves. It helps them travel through the course of their emotional, physical and spiritual life. It allows them to get a better vision of theirself as they connect with others, issues, situations. Once they have begun this journey at each stage to understand and see more. They become eager to explore even further. This begins to give them a desire to want to know more. Thusly, guiding them to want a deeper relationship with God. Each step gets them closer and deeper to where they need to be.

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      The reframing shift is important because it helps to find the source of the root of the real outside behavior that is causing the problems. To be healed inside out. That’s what ONLY THE WORD OF GOD can do for EVERY SOUL to be transform from the inside out.

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      The importance of reframing shift is is helps in soulcare for the individual to see past relationships play a role in the problems we face today. As one goes about life’s journey, it helps to know where they have been & how life circumstances have molded them today.

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      It’s moving from ‘fixing the problem,” to “building a relationship;
      from “an expert” to “sojourner on the same journey” towards the compelling vision of “Christ-like.”
      from ‘an armchair general’ to “fellow soldiers” battling for the soul together for Christ.
      from ‘symptomatic treatment’ to “root issues – healing from the inside out.”

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      The presenting problem is usually just an outward manifestation of deeper issues of relationships. For effective soul care to take place we need to help guide the conversation into the story of the soul. To identify the real root cause of this battle in the soul.

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      Because the presenting problem is a very small part of the whole. It is the result of a far deeper issue which has yet to be revealed The presenting problem cannot be dealt with without the wisdom to get the client to reveal the underlying issues(the below the water stuff)

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