Religion can be wonderful, if it brings us into a relationship with Christ. What is the decision or choice before us? Have you made it?

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      Jesus. Counselor. Messiah. Doctor. Lover. Way. Light. Bread of Life. Living Water. Friend. Brother…Our souls long for You, and are satisfied only with You. You are my choice because you first chose me, Jesus!

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      Religion alone can not save us, model how we must live and forgive our sins. Religion and it’s laws and traditions only serve to bind us and never offers freedom. Jesus and His other two persons, God and the Holy spirit provide a new life \.

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      The choice before us it to accept Christ and His sacrifice. I have made the choice to accept Christ and follow in his guidance.

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      To accept or deny Jesus. I chose Jesus

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      The decision before us to to accept Jesus Christ as our own personal saviour and follow in His ways. Not because of reward or tradition, but because it is what Jesus modelled for us and commanded us to do – love.

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      Karla Joy

      For myself, I accepted Jesus at a very young age. I can see God’s handiwork in everything around me. It comes very easy for me to see it and believe it. However, I realize there are those who can’t see it. Those who are blinded – that our very environment and surrounding didn’t just “happen” without a purpose. Some struggle to believe that there is a Creator, and that all of this happened by Divine Design. I too believe that religion is a wonderful expression of honoring God ( in it’s intended context) but we know that people can get caught up in just “going through the motions”. This can be by attending church, sitting on the pew, paying your tithes and doing all these things “correctly”… but I believe it all goes back to the condition of our hearts. If our hearts are in the right place ( right relationship with God) then all these other acts of worship (attending, worshipping Him ) will naturally succede the condition of our hearts. Jesus is looking at our hearts. We are sinners. We must acknowledge our sins before God. True repentance will come from the heart. When we ask Jesus to examine our hearts, lead and guide us into the truth, He will. Will we acknowledge our sins, will we accept His gift of salvation? ( I certainly hope & pray so ) Will we trust Him to lead us through the hardness of life ? Can we accept the fact that life is going to be hard, and there are no easy roads in life, but that if we follow Jesus – He will lead us and help us through this life, and bring us into salvation with Him at the end of all we endure? For me, I don’t want to go through this life without help. I don’t want to go through this life ( as hard as it is sometimes) without the comfort and peace of knowing that there will be peace and reward in the end. I don’t want to go through all I’ve been through already, and then die to go to more torment. I want to choose to believe in the way to avoid all that torment. I want to choose Life. I want to choose Truth. and that is why I choose Jesus.

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      The decision is for us to decide Who Christ is. I have decided that He is the Son of God and came into the world to have a relationship with us. We cannot earn our way into a saving relationship. We need to believe that he died for our sins and was raised from the dead, that He is our mediator because we cannot ever be righteous enough to be in the presence of God. But Christ takes our sins from us, He did when He died on the cross, and He makes us clean and pure, giving us hope and a relationship, a friendship, and companionship, for all of eternity.

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      Our Daily Bread
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