Respond to Douglas Groothuis’ observation that “God has really experienced the evil of the world more profoundly than any human being.” Do you agree? Why? Why not?

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      Totally agree. A truly one of a kind innocent man, suffereing unimaginable horrors upon the cross. And on top of that, he was taking on the sin of the world and that sin along with the physical suffering would have been too much for any other person on the planet

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      He sees all and knows all. That’s a lot of rebellion through sin. And to still choose to die on the cross…amazing.

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      Absolutely agree. He suffered through the physical pain, but while he was in the cross ha also the all the pain of everyone’s sin. No one else could endure that much pain.

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      I certainly agree. Oswald Chambers said that the agony of Jesus on the cross caused a crashing pain on the heart of God. No doubt Jesus suffered carrying the pain of all sin past, present and future in conjunction with the unimaginable pain of being separeted from the father.

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      I do agree with this. So many suffer because of their own doing, but others suffer at the hands of the sin of other men. Christ suffered for the sins of the whole world. God made him who knew no sin to be sin for us. 2 Cor. 5:21. I thank God that he loved us so much that he paid the price I couldn’t pay for my own sin.

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      Yes God has suffered more than us in that he not only gave up his life for us, but he suffers with us during our times of darkness and suffering, experiencing two fold of what we go through.

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      Jesus not only suffered as a human, but felt the weight of the sins of the whole world when he died on the cross. We cannot imagine the pain of that kind of suffering.

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      Agree for the simple fact that as a parent the worst thing I have experienced is the suffer (big or small) of my children. We are God’s children, so how much does He suffer when we suffer?

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      I agree. Jesus not only suffered on the cross but as he did he felt every sin of all human kind. He felt the pain of those around him. He took the pain of the sinful so that we could be free. Not only that he felt the separation from God while he carried our sins. We may suffer but Christ is right there going through it with us. Feeling and understanding what we are going through.

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      I agree because Jesus, Who was perfect and Who is God, Who had no evil in Him, paid for our sin, for our evil, so that we could live. I know of no other human being that would choose to do this for someone else, let alone for all of humanity.

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