Restate in your own words the purpose of SoulCare.

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      Soul care is to centrally glorify God by living out the gospel. This helps me find joy and honors God. It is more about bringing glory to God by showing His grace at work in our lives, than helping us to feel better.

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      The purpose of SoulCare is to reveal the love and characteristics of God to another person. The person we’ve extended grace to and invested in for His good purpose and glory.

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      The purpose of SoulCare is to help people move away from the narrow focus on their immediate issues and into the larger story of their soul, to help them live in the Spirit where they grow to become more like Christ and find true joy and fulfilment through a relationship with God that is superior to all their other dreams, challenges, goals and relationships.

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      The purpose of SoulCare is for reviewing the true characteristics of God and through journeying the adversities with others, both parties are brought closer to God and longed for His presence. Though circumstances may not have changed, spiritual growth shall have taken place.

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      Soul care is the process of interacting relationally with one another in a way that represents our relational God’s design in the Trinity. We are created as relational beings, and soul care allows us to move toward one another in a way that brings glory to God through our interactions, and gives us a taste of the future glory and communion we’ll have in heaven.

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      This pertains to care for Christians. As Christians we all have deep within us a desire for God greater than all other appetites. As fallen individuals one will find a bunch of competing desires that become our greatest desire and when not fulfilled can become desperate demands. SoulCare seeks to touch by the power of the Holy Spirit that desire for God and bring it to awareness and allow the Spirit to make that desire the deepest and most fulfilling desire of our soul. When we can experience this our other desires can find their place as desires that may be all good but we can find contentment and a joy even when those desires are not fulfilled.

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      The purpose of SoulCare is to develop a relationship with another person which allows the Holy Spirit to actively explore and change each one as they journey together through life and its problems. The problems may not go away but the excitement of having God’s Spirit work within each person learning to enjoy God no matter what.

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      The purpose of SoulCare is to bring us back to God’s original design first created in the Garden of Eden, where the Trinity in its perfect relationship invited humans to experience along with them. Perichoresis. That man and women understand that they were created for God and His glory and through our relationships with each other. In a fallen world God gave us His Spirit to guide us to enter each other’s souls (not perfectly all the time because we cannot sustain perfect relating as imperfect people) and release what is most alive within us to another and to embrace the provisions God has provided for us to achieve His purposes, not our own.

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      The purpose of Soul Care is to release the Spirit of God in us and in the other people to grow closer to God and to each other. The Lord is glorified and the growing and joy come to us.

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      It’s purpose it to put people in touch with the provision of the gospel, built and centered upon the Person and Finished work of Jesus, to fulfill God’s desire and purpose, through the work of the Spirit in us and through us. It’s not about a better life, but a better hope in Christ!

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      The purpose of soul care is for one individual to enter into the journey with another individual and through listening to the holy spirit, awaken what is most alive in the other person, and help them to see the better hope, rather than the better life.

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      To seek the will of the Holy Spirit and/or wisdom of the Holy Spirit to reveal Christlikeness in two individuals who interact in a covenantal relationship based upon having God be the sole center of their relational life and source of their Happiness and Joy.

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      The purpose of SoulCare is to shine light in the darkness of ones soul to reveal the heart of God and His desire.

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