Richard Abanes said, “First and foremost, The Da Vinci Code is a historical fiction book. It’s primarily for entertainment. ‘It’s a ripping good story’ as one reviewer said, and so people are primarily being entertained by good characters, fast action. But what makes it historical fiction is the story, which is supposedly set against the backdrop of real history, true things that happened. And this is partly why I think it has become so popular. People believe that what the book is talking about actually took place in space and time.” Why is it difficult to separate fact from fiction in a novel that claims to be based on history? What would someone need to do to test the truth claims of a historical novel?

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      It is difficult to separate fact from fiction in a novel that claims to be based on history because its expression is entertainment through out the book. Someone who tests the truth claims of a historical novel is to do research on the computer, check out some books at a library based on the Da Vinci Code book.

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      I think that the further we journey into a world that present fiction as fact and vice versa in every form of media including conversing person to person with people who would rather believe in conspiracy than reality, the more difficult it is to separate the two and attain the truth. I have tried to immerse myself on Bible study and, as far as I can, factual history. I, also, pray for discernment and for God to give me “a sound mind.”

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      When reading fiction, people don’t want to critically think. It is easier to accept the historical portion as fact than to question the historical aspects. Careful cross referencing between the historical fiction and the Bible would prove the validity of the Bible and the inaccuracies of the historical claims of The Da Vinci Code.

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      The b test way to test this would be to compare it to the Bible. It is hard to see the difference because it is such a good story people want to believe it is true.

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      I believebits because of 2 reasons. 1 people don’t naturally know what took place in history and 2 it was a story that grabbed your attention like a fantasy. People would actually have to do some research before they can claim the book as actual fact.

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      It is obviously a story I have never understood why people get so hung up on things like this and by people I would say it is more often Christians that believe things than non Christians….certainly obvious in this day and age with Q and other political things in USA that unfortunately spreads to believers in other countries.

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