Richard Abanes said, “ The Gnostic Gospels…are key to The Da Vinci Code. The Gnostics were a group of people in the early history of the church who sort of took basic Christian ideas and blended them with their own thoughts on spirituality and the world. And they wrote their own gospels, writings that talked about Jesus Christ. But [The Gnostic Gospels] were not written until 250 to 350 A.D. and they were rejected by early church leaders.” Why do you think The Gnostic Gospels being written between 250 and 350 A. D. is a problem for what these documents claim to be?

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      I don’t think it’s a problem. There was no eyewitness accounts. They lived long after Jesus resurrection. It can not be taken seriously

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      The more time between accounts, the less accurate they are going to be. It’s kinda like having a witness of a car accident being questioned 5 years after the event, instead of right after the event or within a few days of the event. In the case of the witness of the car accident being questioned 5 years later, the brain may have filled in the gaps and their testimony could be tainted by others that spoke into the situation.

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