Share a time when you felt respected, loved, and honored in the middle of having your junk exposed? How did your friend share negative observations about you in a way that you didn’t feel attacked or abused?

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      My friend was trying to kindly point out that at times I can have a controlling attitude. As imagined, this was not an easy conversation. She diffused the situation by saying, “when you make all the plans, I feel left out and like I have no part in the decisions.” This helped me see the error of my way without being judged. I sensed her genuine concern and her willingness to work together to improve the circumstances.

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      My friend guided me through the process with a lot of questions that allowed me to assess myself, examine my true motives beyond the words, where I had fall short and what I need to own myself. It’s only through knowing my real issue that I could ask God for His mercy and restoration. She made known to me that the focus was on my weaknesses, my needs and not hers though she was very direct with her approach.

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      The last time I shared some of my personal junk with someone, they responded by saying there was more that I could learn about myself. It was delivered in a nonjudgmental way that made me feel like pursuing my issues even further. They showed interest in learning my story.

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      The person gently ask for permission to speak and shared. It was from someone who knows, works and journey together. It was to discredit, but the intent was to bring me back to my ‘senses.’

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      I felt respected, loved and honored in the middle of having my junk exposed when I was talking with my friend. She understood what I was talking about and let me freely poor out with out judging me or being overly agreeable or condescending. She gently spoke to me and affirmed the truths of what I was saying and directed me to focus on God and His timing and not my feelings. It was appreciated.

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      When I felt respected, loved, and honored in the middle of having my junk exposed, it was a time of sharing my soul, with my Christian therapist. It was a time when I was going through a difficult decision in my life, and he had a way of being gentle, and caring through my journey of pain and hurt, from my past.
      I had another time with a friend and she was also my mentor, I had shared my hurts and concerns, and also my spiritual journey of feeling at times, if God would hear and answer my prayers. I was going through a spiritual dryness at the time in my past. And she gently shared with me that I needed to be others who would encourage me with the my daily walk with the Lord. And to not quit on my spiritual journey. My negative thoughts about God and at times with my self. My friend who is my mentor, has a gentle spirit, and she shared with me that I need to have a healthier way of seeing God in a different light. Through her caring and gentleness, showed me that God does care and He does answer prayers in His own way and time. Through God’s gentle spirit in my friend, she touched my spirit and I didn’t feel attacked or abused. The Lord does lead through gentleness.

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      My friend, who happens to also be a therapist ,met with me regarding a family trauma that involved child abuse. She identified herself as very much like me with the same tendency to respond the way I wanted to. She made me feel understood, loved and respected while at the same time brought up in me a desire to stay above reproach and not give in to my knee jerk reactions. She brought me to a place of self awareness and God awareness and she help direct me to envision how I would want to respond knowing Whose I am and how best to respond. She got my focus on God and off of the one who abused the child.

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