Share times when you’ve experienced the “loud voice” of folly and the “whisper” of wisdom”. How might these experiences help you provide SoulCare?

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      I think of growing up with loud preaching that sounded like scolding. Behave the right way or you’re not a good person. I think of time spent in a counselor’s office where all the noise of the “shoulds” died away and I just enjoyed the grace of God.
      SoulCare will be more effective because I know I dont have to talk someone in to behaving “right” or better . Instead, I can relax knowing it is only the Spirit is going to change someone’s heart and that He may do that through the listening and exploring and discovering of this person. The vision will be for what God might do in the person’s life and not how I have to loudly interpret them or hold them accountable.

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      This has been one of the season of “loud voice” of folly and the ‘whisper” of wisdom… it confuses when I try to listen to the good intent of good friends who happen to be the ‘loud voice’ this season. It drives me ‘nuts’ until I return to the sacred space of quietness, of rest to hear Him.
      Isa 30:15,
      This is what the Sovereign LORD, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.

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      t203 – lesson 9 SOULC DISCUSSION QUESTIONS –
      1) Q) Share times when you’ve experienced the ‘loudness’ of folly and the ‘whisper’ of wisdom. How might these experiences help u provide wise SC?
      A) I am very creative & a ‘multitasker’. My mind is often thinking of things to make/do, this can be nice and interesting, but the problem arises when I go to HOBBY LOBBY, (which most know that this is a Christian craft store EXTRAVAGANZA!) I can go in with a specific need or even a list and end up spending much more than I should/could/would have. That ‘folly voice’ tells me, “OH My, I CAN DO/CREATE this/that with only buying this/that, too.” Praising God though, recently, I looked online for the items I needed and realized I could get them mostly cheaper but more importantly without the temptation of going literally to HOBBY LOBBY and spending money I didn’t have for these extras… Bless God, by His Spirit, I’m learning, and I also am learning to bring my thoughts under subjection/control of the Spirt!
      B) As I am becoming more ‘tempered’ to ‘hearing the ‘right voice’ of God; LADY WISDOM, as in Proverbs 9 and our text. My thoughts and the folly of this world and enemy are learning to become drown out and ignored. IT IS A PROCESS, NONE OF US HAVE ARRIVED YET, not until Heaven. Something else I’ve learned is that I FEEL that ANY CHRISTIAN WHO CLAIMS TO “HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER”, (like having patience, and more) IS NOT BEING TRUTHFUL TO THEMSELVES, OTHERS OR GOD, because it is said, that ‘AT SALVATION’, God saves us, however, it’s ‘line upon line, precept unto precept’, day by day. “I am confident of this one thing, That He which has begun a new work in me, will perform it…” WE ARE ALL DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH at Salvation. God’s Marvelous Grace, LOVE, WORD, SPIRIT and Mercy does the rest, a little at a time. After all, God did rest on the 7th day, AFTER ALL HE DID IN CREATION! (Not that He needed to, BUT THAT HE WAS TELLING ME TO REST, NOT OVERDO, wait on Him!
      C) I am praying I can be more in-tuned to that ‘still small voice’ of the Holy Spirit and apply the right principles and ‘surrendering’ to His will and let Him lead me much more directly in my applications and sharing in my daily life…I will then be more confident in HIM in ALL OF IT, ESPECIALLY in the direction in how HE leads in any of His future SoulCare/(DIVINE APPOINTMENTS), forthcoming! He will lead me with the provisions to try and help/care for souls under the power, direction, and love of the God’s Spirit!

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      The loud voice of folly sounds a lot like my voice internally shouting or coitizing or judging someone in my mind as they are talking to me. Instead of just listening for the whisper of the spirit, I am thinking about how I should respond in away that makes the other person pleased. Folly tells me that I have the answers, I know the way, I’m essential to the moment. The whisper of wisdom gently follows up in those times and tells me to be still. Not to say anything. It reminds me that I have no idea what I am doing, no idea what the person is really dealing with, no right to judge, and not qualified to diagnosis or prescribe. I am so thankful for wisdom that resets me to a place of brokenness, humility and stillness. I give it to the spirit and watch with expectancy as he leads.

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      The loud voice of folly has happened to me when I have taken matters into my own hands and tried to ‘fix” a situation, though it may have seemed right at the time, the result proved to be wrong. With me, the loud voice of folly threw me into action, rather than waiting upon the Lord to lead.

      The whisper of wisdom has presented as being still, waiting and listening for the still small voice of the Lord to lead me, rather than taking matters in my own hands.

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        this is sooooo good! pray for ME, i need to more ‘still’ and listen for that still small voice of God, and weed out the distractions of the enemy and world that are constantly pining at me for their attention! anna

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