Share your top 5 strengths and a way you can implement each of them in your ministry.

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      1. Listening – Being able to just sit down and listen to what a person is going through at that point in their life. Many people just want someone to listen to them. Giving them this opportunity can show someone that I do care about them and their journey.
      2. Organization – I am a very organized person. By being this way it can be a model for someone to follow id they are not an organized person. Being organized is something I feel that is essential to a successful ministry of any kind.
      3. Empathetic – This sort of goes along with listening. Understanding what another person might be going through shows that you care. By putting myself in another persons shoes, I can begin to understand what they may be going through.
      4. Accountability – Being responsible and accountable is key to any successful ministry. By demonstrating this to inmates specifically, I feel is one of the most important strengths that can be implements.
      5. The love for daily study in God’s Word. This is extremely important and can be modeled to show the importance of it.

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