Someone says, “Every time I get explored and get open about this kind of thing…I leave the conversation feeling worse.” What might another person have done or said to cause this type of reaction?

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      Sometimes people say things in a way that makes them arrogant or come off as being inferior. This can definitely make a person feel worse about the situation. Immediately calling someone out for what they did wrong can also lead to bad feelings. Nobody wants to feel inferior or like they messed up so bad there’s no way to return.

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      When the other party quickly offered advise or even words of comforts that made me questioned had they been listening and not being understood. Was it me not explaining clearly or were they just too eager to help.

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      They may have shown shock or disapproval. They may have come across as judging or condemning. They did not show a desire to learn more about this “thing” and they did not project any hope or vision that God was able to bring good or healing to this “thing” . They did not leave the sense of lets explore this some more in a hopeful sense at the end of the conversation.

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      As recent as last weekend, I literally left the conversation worse than enlightened. A forceful interaction pull, peppered with personal convictions and a whole lot of information that has gone overboard. As much as I know it was her projection of her long-standing friendship with another person than on me. It was the most ‘regrettable’ re-connection.

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      Maybe the other person allowed them to share to much to fast and had no response. Being that vulnerable can feel like being out on a cliff. The other person may have looked like a deer in headlights or overwhelmed/intimidated by the conversation. Our body language can make people regret talking to us and no longer willing to be explored, if being explored feels more like being exposed.

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      Perhaps the person who feels this way has sensed a judgmental or spirit of superiority from the one listening and responding to their journey. It could have been displayed in their tone of voice or the look in their eyes, rather than with a tender voice, a spirit of love and grace and from the deepest recesses of their heart.

      Being explored will always bring discomfort, but bringing an element of trust and purity of gentleness to the conversation will allow the person to feel safe to be vulnerable.

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