Sometimes because of the marvels of science and technology, scientists can be seen as authorities on issues outside their field. Why does “science says” carry so much credibility today? Why is this confidence misplaced?

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      Science appeals to the reason of man, but as stated in this study, it is confined to the material world. Science cannot measure where thoughts come from. It can merely show the brain activity without knowing what those activity waves are making us “think” in our minds.

      To give confidence totally to science leaves you to believe only in what you can see and measure, not what you can’t see but can sense and feel.

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      I think that “science says” carries weight and credibility because it is most often researched-based, tested, analyzed, and proven.
      However, this way of thinking does not factor in the limitations that science has over faith-based matters.

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      Science has no moral compass. It has a wisdom in that it explains and allows us to create good or evil, medicine or weapons. It is a tool, given by God, but if the instructions are not read (the Bible), it can be used in the wrong manner. It gives power to those who understand it, as they are the ones to control it for medicine or weapons, good or bad.

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      Science says carries a lot of credibility nowadays because science uses the scientific method and looks for physical evidence. This confidence is misplaced because science cannot physically prove that God is real but this does not mean that He doesn’t exist. There are many things created by God that science cannot explain.

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      Science carry so much credibility today because it can prove many things seen that is good and bad and people want answers rather than believing the source of everything.

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      People tend to want what is easy and believing what science says and what we can see in science is easy. It is harder to believe in something we can’t totally explain and it requires faith and faith can be hard at times.

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      Science carries so much credibility today because it can prove a lot of things and people want to know facts and want proof. Science can easily give them that but to a certain extent. Science has done a lot of good but it has also done a lot of bad. People like the good and forget the bad because it’s convenient to rely on something rather than to do the research yourself. What spirituality lacks for some people, science fulfills for them.

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      Science holds so much say because it provides a logical way to explain things. Science can not explain things from a spiritual place. People want answers and turn to those who have them, not a God who created everything

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      Science is marvelous, but it is also limited. It can only prove things that are concrete and physical. It gives no spiritual or moral guidance. People so often want physical evidence or “proof” before they can believe in something. Just because we don’t see God, does not mean he doesn’t exist. Science is just one source to discovering the truth, it is not The Truth.

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      Marquelle Dais

      Science carries so much credibility because it exists to explain how things are suppose to work but only in the natural world human like how animals in nature function. Its confidence is misplaced because the idea that explaining nature and how animals may have came into exist still does not give credit to how exactly everything was created. It does not settle the human heart to the real aspect of life.

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      Modern science is viewed as a way to know all things. Obviously this is a flawed concept. Science is limited by our ability to observe and since we are finite beings are observations are also finite. When people do not understand we have the natural inclination to look for answers somewhere we often look to science for answers. We assume that since science is knowledge then it must be untainted. This is Sumption is obviously wrong since all science is tainted by the scientist on personal biases.

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      I think scientists, and man’s trust in them, comes from their logical sounding conclusions. Secular scientists have just enough knowledge to be dangerous. Proverbs 14:12 says “there is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.”

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      Science was actually born out of the Christian West and Christians are pro-science in that it can discover things about the material universe and that belief in God is reasonable. Scientists can show how things are measurable and repeatable and people can see and relate to that. However, people are not considering that scientists cannot speak to issues of ultimate origin, meaning of life, or morality.

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