Soul life depends on objective meaning in God’s story and ecstatic union with God’s Person. Only people who aim high enough are in line to experience both. Explain and discuss.

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      It’s a soul level perspective and experience of life that can have a vision for pursuing God no matter what is or is not in front of us. Until we find this it’s all meaningless and never satiates the desires within us. Other things to do that become idols that hold no meaning.

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      Knowing that I have a complete, whole heart that God gave me allows me to live my life story with the focus He desires for me. That is a choice and something I can be disobedient towards. In other words, I can live my life focused on self-need or self-management rather than experiencing an exciting relationship filled with purpose and joy in the Lord. Aiming high, understanding and utilizing the tools God gave me, motivates and propels me to draw closer to Him and to come alongside others so they can potentially do the same. This relationship defines who I am and who He is in me.

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      Don’t settle for less than God

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      Aiming high…to me it seems more like aiming deep. I find Him in the depths of my soul and where my passion is. Only if I am honest and vulnerable in His Presence can I experience His person and being part of His larger story!

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      I think most people, myself included, don’t realize and are not even aware of the Soul life as a desire of necessity, let alone recognize that it depends on objective meaning in God’s story and ecstatic union with God’s Person. This feels true to me based on the teachings in the Bible, especially in the New Testament parables regarding the Kingdom of Heaven, or Matthew 6:33, or the commandment to love your God above all else, etc. It also makes sense to me, how else can you have peace in the middle of terrible circumstances? unless there is something you desire that is greater than the circumstances being well.
      We all have the capacity to desire, it is our desire that drives us to where we want to be. If we’re not even aware of the Soul life to be desired, then we cannot expect to reach there. We will only be desiring the lesser things and that may be all that we ever experience, far short of what God has in mind for us.

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      We are made in the image of God with the deepest long to restore our relationship with Him. People who aim high enough will be aware that we are made with God’s purpose being on earth and there are higher missions than just having a good life on earth, having all our desires met. Therefore, no matter what they face, what they have, there is no turning back. They will be able to follow God’s instructions, knowing that God is with them in all situations that they will take up their crosses to live out their Christian lives. That will include trusting not only their own lives to God but that of their families even facing oppressions, in difficult political situations as they well know even losing everything they will still have eternal lives that nobody can take away.

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      Soul life comes from the recognition, movement towards and fulfillment of core desires. These desires are the deepest ruling desires that drive all other desires in our life. The desires are wanting to know we are alive, that we matter, are valued, loved, and offer love. The desires are only fulfilled in the Lord God. Growing up I did not believe this and thought I needed XYZ to be completely. I believed this despite my passion for God. As I have gotten a but older and have experienced both really good and really bad times, Objective meaning in God’s story and ecstatic union has indeed proved to be true

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      The verse mentioned in the presentation, Matt 6:21 is part of a section (Matt 6: 19-21) that I think helps explain this. Apart from the experience of knowing God loves us deeply, has created us, given us purpose, and that we have an eternal future that is bright beyond our comprehension, apart from that, the “treasures” we store up to satisfy ourselves we will find “rusty and moth eaten” . I identify very much with the whole idea of aiming too low. For too long my aim was to be very good at my job and liked by those I served through my work.
      What becomes obvious over time, if I pay attention, is that these things all eventually disappoint or their satisfaction is only temporary.
      It makes sense that loving and trusting and serving my God and Savior and being satisfied in the knowledge of being where he wants me is something that will never disappoint. If this is my highest aim, and unfortunately it has not been, then if other parts of my life don’t measure up to my hopes and dreams, I still know I’m in a good place in my relationship with God. If things go well and my relationship with my wife and kids goes well, great, my lesser desires are fulfilled and I know I’m in a good place with God. If my relationship with my wife and kids or my work is going poorly, my highest aim is still in tacked and I remain at peace in my relationship with God.

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      In other for anyone to aim high and low is to know Jesus’s in his image. I’m great full that I’m learning this meaning of the image of God.. I want to be to communicate this to everyone that the Lord allows me to be able to expose them to soulcare.

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      Since all humans are made in His image and that we were by design created to be a part of God’s ultimate and soul-quenching plan, then it is vital to understand that our lives are not meant for us to carry out our own desires or will, but to join Him in His already created plan. When we understand that we were created to be a part of something beyond us (objective meaning), we then can begin to understand what God has in store for us as we join His good and perfect plan, and experience Him in the way we were created to relate to Trinity: A perfect union that both loves and is loved in full acceptance of each other and be part of a relationship that satisfies our deepest longings (ecstatic union).

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      I’m not sure I love the verbage of “aiming high” or “aiming low”. Ultimately, our aim shouldn’t be for earthly things. Our aim should be to seek our Lord, to know him, and to find peace and rest in His provision. Therefore, if we are “aiming high” (unless high refers to our heavenly Father), then we are just focused on earthly “stuff” and that isn’t the point of this life. The point is to know and seek God.

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      Soul satisfaction – a filling of that empty spot in the core of one’s being. The center of it is not a ‘problem-free’ life, but that our lives have meaning and values.
      We are loved by a loving God whose steadfast love never changes – Rest in His love, and let His love compels us to love others. There’s a greater love – He laid down His life for us, that we may live beyond ourselves.
      We are created with a divine purpose – Enjoy Him (worship) and join Him. There’s a greater story – His story – beyond our ‘story.’
      We are destined to be with Him forever. Be at peace with Him – His presence never leave us. There’s a greater destiny beyond the troubles we encounter, the new heavens and earth is the only place without pain and tears.

      “vision that is low” keeps us happy for awhile, but it soon fade off, and we have to look for another ‘object’ to give us that “gratification.”

      Aim high – Aim for Christ!
      Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.” (John 6:35)
      For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things. (Psalm 107:9)
      The afflicted shall eat and be satisfied; those who seek him shall praise the Lord! May your hearts live forever! (Psalm 22:26)
      In your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. (Psalm 16:11)

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      Soul life depends on an intimate relationship with God through Christ. The pressing in into God’s Presence for that divine exchange to encounter His Touch. Drinking in of His cleansing stream and being intoxicated by His awesome and consuming Love. This desire for God is made available to all believers and all we need to do is to guide them into it! Once they taste of His Goodness every other desires will naturally take second place! Slave to Righteousness… Imstead of being slave to the flesh!

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      Eye on the Prize, Paul said, if we do not aim for the ultimate desire or seek it, A focused relationship on God, all the lesser desires consume us and distract us from the true desire that will fill the core of our soul. Those distractions, those desires and passions miss direct us from the chance , the actual event of being in union with the trinity, we divert our eyes, mind, and goals, without striving for that we loose a chance to hit the mark if even only for a moment. Only a person relying on the trinity to get them their can hit the mark.

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      Our Daily Bread
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