Spiritual warfare is taking place all around us. Satan and his demons do not cause us to sin, but their bait of unrighteousness is very attractive. What warfare strategies have you observed or experienced recently?

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      Now is not the best time for this question. Tough battle going on now. I just keep telling myself i am the righteousness of god in christ Jesus.

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      I have observed and experienced nowadays in churches people taking sins like normal regardless it’s results to their life, the churches don’t rely on biblical words to teach the truth instead to please people.

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      It seems that Satan is attacking the Christian churches around the world, especially in America, where the acceptance of sins is now ok, where it was not before. Satan is eroding the church that they are no longer Biblically based, which is sad and disheartening

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      Virginia Hagedorn

      Warfare strategies that I have found effective are listening to worship music as I go about my day (keeps me focused) and posting scripture up throughout my house/work/car to pull my mind back to the things God is working on in my heart. Another strategy is to be engaged in meaningful Christian fellowship and discipleship.

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      Some warfare strategies that I have observed or experienced recently include intentionally spending time with God so that I am rooted in truth and intentionally putting myself around supportive believers in social situations.

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      Satan knows my weaknesses and he whispers a lie that sounds like the truth. I end up judging or lying to make it more exciting or jut better. I work on it by asking myself if it is really the truth. Do I want to go on that path again? Is it attention that I am seeking? If the answers are yes, then I can reflect and not act.

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      When Satan whispers lies about our true identity, it can become hard to keep striving to be like the Lord. We can hear the lies and begin to believe them. Then we are focused on seeing ourselves as broken and fallen.

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      He has attracted me by gossip. I work will older women who gossip over everything and I find myself sometimes ingaging in this behavior

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      One of the best warfare strategies I have personally experienced in the past couple of weeks is that of prayer. I have many friends at various churches that listen to and pray for things I ask for prayer about. God most definitely works through the prayer of His people.

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      Our Daily Bread
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