The Book of Genesis has made its claims for thousands of years. Why has there been such a mixed response to it? Why do some who have initially rejected the Bible ultimately come to accept its claims?

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      I think at first the Bible can appear a little bizarre. For example, a man was swallowed by a whale and then lived to tell about it. But when one continues to read and dive deep into God’s word they can see and experince the power of it and the truth it holds.

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      The way to debunk or dismiss any principle is to attack its beginnings and assumptions. Moses assumed everyone knew there was a God when he wrote the Torah. The problem for the skeptic or naysayer comes when the beginnings and assumptions can’t be debunked – when history, archaeology and paleontology back the assertions of the original writings. The orderly, conveying message of the creation story with what we find now in life is inseparable from the foundations layed in the book of Genesis.

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      The claims found in the Book of Genesis has been met with mixed response because of the questions that it poses by it’s declaration…questions such as, “what about dinosaurs, they aren’t mentioned in the Bible?” Science, which was originally created to bring glory to God’s creation has been perverted and used to deny it. However, questions like this make us students of the Word. So, as skeptics research the Bible to disprove the claims in Genesis, many people end up becoming believers through their study.

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      There is a mixed response to the book of Genesis because if it is true, then that also means that everything else in the Bible is also true. Some want to live their own lives instead of yielding it to God so they do not want to accept Genesis or any other part of the Bible. Some people come to accept the Bible’s claims when God pricks their hearts.

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      The book of Genesis has revealed the truth of creation of everything around us, People chooses to accept as its fits within our lives and worldwide as we know the word of God cannot return to him void it must accomplish his purpose and plans.

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      The belief that Creation was true was disrupted with the lie of Evolution/Darwinism. The schools taught the subject as if it was scientifically supported. The world became confused because of the enemies lies. However, God is bigger than Satan’s lies and He can open the eyes of anyone who is willing to listen. God is Truth and His Word has and never will be proven wrong.

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      I think it’s a time issue and a life issue that brings about that change. At first some may reject the Bible out of ignorance and some due to wanting to control their own lives, but ultimately God can reach who he wants when he wants

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      In our search for truth, I believe that we continue to grow in faith. It is by faith we come to understand. Through prayer and obedience, God reveals His presence to us.

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      People were taught the theory of evolution in schools which is contrary to the bible. Some cannot believe that there is a deity who can save us from ourselves and our sins and so do not have hope until real life situations can prove that miracles can and do occur through the grace of God.

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      The book of Genesis is an abbreviated look at the beginning of man. People will choose to except it as they see how it fits within their entire world view

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      Because we all have a yearning for God, whether we know it our not, God’s word, when it goes forth will not return to Him void. It will accomplish that which He purposes. (Isaiah 55:11)

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