The change that the Bible has produced in the lives of people is because the message of the Bible transforms lives. What is there about the message of Scripture that is so transforming?

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      Allan l.

      I have never known a book to touch and move as the Bible. My life is changed reading it and studying it. I hunger and thirst for it at times. It has life and power that no other writing(s) has. It penetrates deep and blesses the soul.

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      It is the life breathed word of God, that brings change to those who read it

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      When one looks at scripture, one can’t help but to change. The goodness of God; the love of God; the mercies of God; and the power of God all lead to the changed lives. Seeing God perform miracle after miracle, in order to take care of His people will cause you to change. To know that He wants what’s best for you causes you to trust His heart and His will. The Bible transforms the lives of people, because it reveals the true nature of God, love.

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      Our Daily Bread
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