The lecture discusses four qualities good leaders have. Which of these qualities do you feel you possess? Which do you need to work on? Explain your answers.

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      There are four qualities that a “good” leader must have: they are warm, they are more like the people unlike them, they are an imperfect model, and they have a sense of power. Of the four qualities, I feel that I possess the warm aspect and that I am like the people that are unlike others. I feel as I fit under warm due to my easy to approach personality and I am relatively easy going attitude in terms of advice and openness to advice form others and being a listening ear to those around. I am also rather different in my approach to the basic mindset many people tend to grow up developing so, I feel that fits me under the aspect of being unlike many others. I also fit under the imperfect model aspect because I make many mistakes and I am well aware that I do not know all the answers and all the best approaches to handling situations. The one aspect I feel I truly need to work on is the power aspect. I lack the confidence and the social skills to take lead and delegate what need to be done or how something might work best.

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      David Smith-torres

      Four qualities a good leader should have is to be warm, to be more like the people, to be an imperfect model, and have a sense of power. I have all but one quality as I can be warm when I need to be to help others or to be a strong individual to give them powerful comfort. I can be more like people as I want to respond to them at their level in the sense of I want to mimic their energy and mindset so that I can understand what they want and what they need most. And I am an imperfect model in the sense that I can be a good model for others but I make it aware that I am not fully perfect as I can make mistakes and to not panic about them. I need work on having a sense of power as I am uncertain how much power I have to hold over others and to not abuse it or underuse it.

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      I feel that people trust me and become invested in the mission which is to be good teachers a helping children to become leaders themselves with positivity. I think I really need to work on better communication.

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      Destiny Schreiber

      The four qualities that a leader has is: they are warm, they are more like the people unlike them, the models are perfect models, they have a sense of power. I feel like i possess the qualities of being like the people unlike me and having a sense of power. I need to work on being warm and to not to yell because i would be working with kids and i need to give love 100% of the time and that comes with working on my patience.

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