The Old Testament describes the heart as “deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.” In what way has your heart deceived you and encouraged you to turn away from God instead of moving toward Him?

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      Anger. I pray at times and it goes on answered. I think god should do this or that in my time,and i get disappointed.

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      My heart has often deceived me into thinking I can do this on my own and I have a hard time asking or accepting help, especially in the worst of times. I figure I can do this on my own and get through it and do not need anyone else

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      Really the heart is deceitful above all things but i teach my heart often to seek the will of God and not my minds, thoughts and own power, we need to search the mysterious of God to us.

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      Virginia Hagedorn

      My heart constantly tries to convince me I can do things on my own, in my own power, and for my own glory.

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      The heart can be both “deceitful” and “wicked”. It goes back to feelings and the idea that the “heart” can also be considered the “psyche”. Feelings lie to us and we can use them as to justify our own will. If we are only following our feelings and not God’s lead then we are moving away from Him.

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      Over the years, my heart has deceived me and encouraged me to turn away from God instead of moving towards Him. This is such a trendy way of thinking in society currently as people will share advice such as, “The heart wants what the heart wants…” or “Do what makes you happy”. Feelings can lie.

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      It is just amazing how my mind can convince me that it will be okay if I just do it one more time. The sin that entangles me causes me to fight myself all the time. No one deceives me more than myself.

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      I know my heart is not right with God in some areas. I use my time to ask God to come into me and help strengthen those areas of my life.

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      It has never been a bold “Follow the world” sort of draw for me. It has always deceived me by taking tiny slips toward sin. Then I look around and realize how far I have gone in the wrong direction. Fortunately, the Lord is faithful.

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      When I have been lacking in reading the bible and prayer, this is when the deepest sins of my heart begin to bubble up and put separation between me and God.

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      Our Daily Bread
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