The purpose of this course is to give ourselves a flow of how the Old Testament fits together. What might be a benefit that would result from learning this?

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      A benefit that would result from knowing how the Old Testament fits together would be, having a better understanding of who God is and knowing Him more.

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      I believe the main benefit of learning how the Old Testament fits together is the easiness of reading and understanding God’s truths. It would read like a novel, making it easier to understand and remember.

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      Knowing how the Old Testament is structured will provide a clearer understanding of what all they talk about. Despite not being chronological, studying them will help us comprehend what the times were like way back then and how they provide a concrete foundation and background for the New Testament.

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      It can clear up a lot of confusion about the Old Testament and help us see how the different books of the Old Testament fit together and how they point to the coming of His Son, the Messiah.

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      I never knew that the OT books were not chronological. Knowing they fit together in different genres makes sense because our God is a God of order! I am more amazed than ever to discover that not only is scripture “God breathed” but all the books fit together beautifully! What an amazing God we have!!!

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      It will help in extracting God’s intended lessons, promises for us in what happens to be the largest portion of the Bible.

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      Understanding God’s big story. How everything fits together, from the beginning of the world until the day Jesus comes.

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      I had always thought it would be easier if the books of the Bible were chronological, according to the date it happened. Now I can see that having them grouped in categories can make it much easier to read and study.

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      Juadia Moore

      Understanding how man came to be after all fall in the Garden of Eden and a better understanding of how we fit in his Plan.

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      By learning the flow of how the Old Testament fits together, one might gain a better understanding of the New Testament. If one can achieve a sound understanding of both the Old and New Testament, then they would hope to achieve a better understanding of the Bible as a whole.

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      This can make it easier to read and understand. When we know how it fits together, it does begin to make more sense and we allow God to reveal things to us through it when we read it and understand it. As the lecture said, it can be confusing, but really there are recurring themes that happen throughout. Knowing the flow and how it all ties together helps us understand these themes and apply them to us today.

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      The Old Testament is a story of God’s patience and forgiveness. Also it introduces Jesus as the answer to the alienation between God and humans.

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      It can help us understand how it fits with the New Testament.

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      This course has already made understanding the old testament better. I can finally study the prophetic books.

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      For someone who is an avid learner and a person new to the faith, this course will hopefully be beneficial so that I can grow my full understanding of the Old Testament and why it was put in the order that it is in. Clearly they were written at different times and in different formats, but why is it put in the order that it is. There has to always be a reason behind why everything is done a certain way, once this is learned, it begins to open the readers mind even more to all of the mysteries that is God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Israel.

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      I think the results of this learning is deeper than knowing which way the Old Testament fits together the Old Testament is inspired and understanding the reasons why it’s in the order it is I believe will help in understanding God in the book and applying that to who I am in God

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      The Old Testament a story of man’s creation, his rebellion, and God forgiveness. It however is not chronological so knowing the flow is important in getting the whole story.

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      Taylor Burkit

      A benefit of knowing the the flow of how the Old Testament fits together is you can see more of a big picture view. Then, when you read verse by verse you have that big picture view in mind and can better understand what you are reading.

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      The Old Testament is not chronological, but is composed of 39 books, divided into 5 subjects–the law, history, poetry, major prophets, and minor prophets. It provides a background for the New Testament. The benefit is that one can see propecy fulfilled.

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      I didn’t know that the OT was split up into 3 divisions (Narrative, Poems and Poetry, and Prophetic) sections. This would help me to understand what God intends for me to understand from each section. Obviously the first section (narrative) would give me a good account of God in creation, man’s fall, and God’s endeavor to work with the Israelites with their conquests/defeats in their quest of the Promised Land. There are many shadows and archetypes in the OT that ultimately point to Jesus.

      Reading the Psalms, song of solomon (the poetic books) will give me a good example how David and other men praised God in the OT.

      The prophetic books (Issaiah, Ezekiel etc) will prophecy about the coming Messiah and ultimately the coming of Jesus Christ the Saviour who sacrificed Himself on our behalf to reconcile us back to God the Father.

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      In learning how the Old Testament fits together and its chronology, it will give a clearer picture of how God has worked through time, how different people relate to each other and why certain events occurred. It will also help us to understand the New Testament better.

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      Learning how the “flow” of the Old Testaments reads, makes it easier to follow, and learn from. Knowing that is is divided in 3 sections by genre, helps to know where to look for certain versus and scriptures based on your need. Knowing that it isn’t in chronological order before you begin to read it will also help to not be as confused, because I know I was completely lost the first time I read the Old Testament without help…..

      By learning how to read and use the Old Testament to the best of your ability will in turn help you to help others on their journey .

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      A benefit to understanding the flow of how the Old Testament fits together would be to see the overarching narrative of God’s story. We can understand and see the vision of God’s redemptive plan for us from the beginning as we read how the men and women of the Old Testament encountered God and His faithfulness throughout their journeys. In turn it will impact and inspire our daily lives as we walk with Christ.

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      To better understand the wisdom in God’s Word leads us to more productive and godly lives. It enables us to become conduits for bringing His word to life and provides others the opportunity to see and experience God’s love.

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      We would understand God, and come to know Him in a deeper, more personal way. We could share, and communicate with others who may not grasp who God is, or why we need Him.
      Knowing how the bible is set up, and why; knowing the history of Gods people, and the Law; learning of the prophets, and how the fit into Gods plan, all teach us about ourselves, and our world.

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      The New Testament is very much an answer to God’s understanding that he could not send a human savior to heal the separation that sin caused. With out the the Old Testament showing how we got to Jesus how can a follower of Jesus and God truly see the beauty and love that God has for us. How could we see the full beauty story of God weaving our salvation through constant seeking of redemption for us and our constant rejection. Jesus us the answer to the problem shown in the Old Testament. The beauty of the answer can not be fully understood with out the background of the Old Testamont.

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      We need to build a foundation before anything else and that is what the Old Testament does for our Christian walk. To understand how the Old Testament is laid out helps to understand what we are reading and how th

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      We learn how to act and how to love and serve God. Writers of the OT reveal so much about the character of God how God reveals himself to his people. We are present to witness how God formed his people and taught them to serve and worship. We get a look into prophesy that is being fulfilled and its connection to the life of Jesus in the New Testament. We also get a front row seat as to why scripture claims to be ” the inspired word of God.”

      The OT shows us how God calls his people into existence and how to live lives of holiness. We also see how God’s grace is offered time and time again when the Chosen folks fall short. But mostly in each part of these ancient writings we learn why it is called the living word, We see God’s holiness, unchanging, faithful, gracious and loving character whose purpose is to be in relationship with all of his creation.

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      We can learn that even tough the old testament consist of 39 books they are related and supported one and other as it is inspired by God. So that we can study them better and able to share God’s message for his people.

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      It makes understanding the Old Testament easier for someone who has never read of studied it before.

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      Barbara Mcclinron

      The benefit of learning how the Old Testament fits and flow together is to guide a new believer or any believer to understand the Old Testament better. For it it through the Old Testament the we gain the knowledge of God, sin and death. We learn the purpose that God has created us for ourselves. We learn about sin and consequences of disobeying God’s commandments.

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      A benefit from learning how the Old Testament fits together is the ability to explain to others how it flows and how it makes sense. This will help others to appreciate the richness of the Old Testament and increase their interest in learning about God.

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      We would know how to relate to the sections of the Bible and use them in our lives. It will also make it easier to understand what is happening in the sections so that we can find what we need in the Bible easily.

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      The benefit is resulted from learning how the Old Testament fits and flows, is knowing the foundation from which faith is derived. We know we are to have faith in God as believers, but to be able to see the progression of mankind in their acts and deeds, and seeing how through all obstacles of life, God remains faithful to us.

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      The benefit that would result from learning, how the Old Testament fits and flows together, is to follow the erratum of humankind, the gracious who God created them, and Man’s progression from a God Centered relationship and life to self-centered thoughts, disobedience,and spiritual death. Ultimately, also shows us How God has always been in the midst of mankind, overseeing, managing, and directing him from the beginning of time.

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      The Old Testament is the foundation of our faith and the New Testament builds on the foundation with more revelation. A benefit in understanding how the Old and New Testament fit together is seeing how God built the foundation through His grace with a people who struggled much like the people in the New Testament and much like we struggle today.

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      Ma. Remedios

      It will help us understand how the bible works and to have deeper understanding of God’s redemption plan.

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