The purpose of this FastTrax course is to give ourselves a flow of how the New Testament fits together. What might be a benefit that would result from learning this?

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      We are asked, “How then should we live in Jesus Christ?”. That is the most important answer and I believe that everything that we need to know is in the New Testament. You also benefit from reading the Old Testament at the same time and comparing what the two say.

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      The true focus of the books remains Jesus Christ throughout the New Testament. The high level flow is Christ from God’s long term intention to provide a savior and redeemer to reestablish our broken relationship with Him The gospels flow to Christ birth, sinless live, death, resurrection, ascension and prophetic return. Act move to early days of the Church and the epistles show us how to live by faith and maintain a vital relationship with God through the Holy Spirit and how the Church functions as the body of Christ. Revelation reveals Christ return as our king and judge and it reveals the glories of eternal life in heaven. If we do not understand this flow and study the books of the New Testament independently we will miss “God’s Big Picture”, miss the true joy of God’s word and develop flawed theology.

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      For me the most significant insight from the lesson is the focus on “ how then should I live?” in light of the good news and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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      We would develop an understanding of God’s plan for our lives and we would learn how to live in a way that reflects Jesus. We would also come to understand the importance of the old testament and how it is connected to the new.

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      Helps give us a timeline and general flow of the New Testament

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      To give us understanding and snapshot about New Testament so that our faith may strengthened and do something with Jesus.

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      It will lead to a more comprehensive understanding of the context of how the different books and styles of writing work together to reveal who God is.

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      It will give me an overall view of the entire Bible and how the NT fits into the Bible and its purposes.

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      It helped to give a better understanding of the 27 books.

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      A better appreciation for the O.T.

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      It will give us more context as we read it and can give us more wisdom as we study it. This will lead to a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and what He did for us.

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      I think it would make it more understandable when we see how it fits together.

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      I think it’s beneficial to look at this first before looking at each book individually, because it shows how everything will work together and how everything adds to the story of Jesus Christ.

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      Virginia Hagedorn

      To see how things fit together, rather than looking at each book separately.

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      To further my knowledge, and discover something new

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      That I might learn and understand both the Old and New Testaments better.

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      Learning how the New Testament fits together gives us a more complete picture of Christ.

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      It provides context that we can use to understand the pieces of the whole better by.

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      God created me as he did all people. The old testament tells the story of many who rejected God and his blessings. I am a sinner too but God in his love send His only Son to die for me and through accepting Him as the Son of God I will live eternally.
      The New Testament is proof of God’s grace that started in the Old testament

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      Learn more about Christ and His work on earth – so that we can share the Good News of the Gospel and get others to follow christ.

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      Learning how the new testament through a broad lense fits together as a whole helps to better grasp the overall scope. As well as how different books fit within the timeline.

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      The introduction to the New Testament will give us insight to the purpose of the New Testament and better explain how the Old and New are intended to be read together.

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      It gives us an overview of the New Testament and learn about the timeline of events.

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      To know the word better. To be closer to Jesus.

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      We can gain insights to the character and work of Jesus and how we are supposed to live for Him.

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      By looking at the overview of the New Testament, it will aid us in going further down into the details later on specially during our devotional time or when sharing with others during any Bible study sessions. This will also benefit me because it gives me an over all picture fo the conditions the books were written and be able to relate this with our current or present situation.

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      We not only see how the New Testament books fit together but we also can see how it fits in with and completes the story of the Old Testament.

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      A better ability to share and explain the Gospel with others.

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      Exceptance of Jesus and salvation.

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      Ma. Remedios

      I could say that at the end of this course I will able to have deeper understanding with the New Testament.

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      The best benefit would b e to know that Jesus Christ came here to earth to forgive us our sins and offer a us a new life./

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      This basic New Testament course has enabled me understand the message God wanted to give us in knowing that after the terrible ways of humans in the old testament he has now come to earth as human so that we can identify better with God rather than imaginary. If one understands that concept accepting Jesus as our savior makes more sense since he is really GOD indeed.

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      A benefit from learning how the “New testament fits together” would be that then one can see how the entire Bible fits together. The Bible is dense and full of very important information. The more that we understand each component of the Bible, the more understand the book as a whole. Ultimately, the more we understand the Bible, the more we Understand God and more willing we will be to let Him work in our lives.

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      A benefit for me would be that I would be better equipped in understanding His Word and to lead someone to Christ and to correctly spread the true and living word of Jesus Christ

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      The benefits of learning the New Testament will give me a deeper love for Jesus, humble my spirit, draw closer to God, save souls. This FastTrax course will allow me to speak boldly and with confidence about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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      I would have a better understanding of the New Testament

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      His course gives a great overview of the New Testament. The reading that was given to go along with this course has proved invaluable to me. I finally can see how the books of the New Testament actually fit together and what I need to study to learn different aspects of my Christian life.

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      The benefit would be to get a clearer understanding of the New Testament. It would help us see and be part of Jesus’ journey on earth. For those of us who are saved we can apply Jesus’ teachings to our lives. It can also bring us closer to Him

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      The biggest benefit is to realize that God gave his only begotten son that who whatsoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. It is also essential to read and understand the gospels and epistles written to understand the historical and spiritual context under which they were written. This will give the believer a deeper understanding into the 27 books of the New Testament and help in emboldening their faith and undersatnding of the will of God.

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      This course gives us a flow of how the New Testament fits together. A benefit that would result from learning that the New Testament fits together would be an appreciation of the scriptures that teach us how to love God and people.
      God wants us to spread the good news to others. The good news is the gospel. In order for us to spread the good news, it has to be done in love. The scripture says in Galatians 5:14, For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this: Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. The scripture also says in John 13:35 that by this all men will know that we are his disciples, if we have love one to another.

      The New Testament shares the love of Christ in the gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. It fits together with the message of loving others as Christ has loved us and gave Himself for us. It also fits together the story of Jesus’ great love for us as he died on the cross for our sins. There we have the benefits of knowing and loving Christ for dying on the cross.

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      I plan on using the knowledge of how to incorporate and add these teachings into my tutelage to my students.

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      Everything in my life would benefit from knowing how the New testament fists together. I love Jesus and I take my faith in him seriously but being able to articulate why and how the NT and the OT relate to my relationship and why its important has always been a struggle. Because I myself didn’t understand the grand scheme of it. I understood the Jesus loved me and that he died for my sins because I am a sinner. But diving deep and learning the theology of the bible is amazing and how it is all woven together gives me confidence to talk about it in ways I have never been able to before.

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      After reading the portion of Stedman’s book I realized there were so many connections and symbols in the Gospels that I missed when reading the Bible and attending church. I think a benefit of learning the history and flow helps us better understand our faith, learn how to share our faith, and make connections in the past, present and future.

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      I plan on using the simplicity of this first lesson to keep me on track as I read and study. If I find myself confused or lost I can go back to the central message of “God sent his son into the world to save sinners.”

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      Having an overview gives one an opportunity to see how all the books fit together. I think you can a deeper understanding of the Bible when you see how everything works together.

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      Learning how the whole new Testament fits together helps us to see the big picture of Christianity.

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      It is a necessity to understand the way the New Testament fits together, whether in a group or individual study. For an example, understanding the way the Old and New Testament work together to tell a complete story is vital. Otherwise, we are studying an incomplete story.
      By understanding how the New Testament is written, we are able to use the Bible in all aspects of our life and what our needs are at any particular time.

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      Mary lynn

      I am hoping I will have a more general understanding of the theology of the NT…not just individual events/teachings.

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      This way you get an overview of the whole New Testament. When you take the advanced classes you will have a general knowledge or an outline of each book so that you can dig in deeper to the chapers and verses to better understand the meaning of what God is saying.

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      Our Daily Bread
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