The record of 2 Samuel 11:1-27 gives us the account of how King David failed the Lord. What did he do? How did carelessness develop in David’s experience?

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      David committed adultery and murder. He was king and had power. I believe he let this power over take him and allowed him to carelessness

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      First, kings were supposed to go to war in that season. And David wasn’t there. So there was already a sense of carelessness that led him to even being at home and landing in a sin. Then the sins gained momentum, as they often do. So it was the slow accumulation and then the rapid piling on of careless decisions.

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      David ends up in bed with the wife of Uriah the Hittite (Bathsheba). He ultimately gets her pregnant and murders Bathsheba’s Husband by way of placing him on the frontlines of a battle. What started as an impure thought manifested into outright sinful actions. He was careless about how he handled his temptation of Bathsheba.

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