The resurrection of Jesus was significant because of the claims He made. What were the claims Jesus made and how does the resurrection vindicate them?

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      His claims to be the only avenue to the Father and that he and the Father are one were considered blasphemous. His resurrection was prophesied by him, so the fact that it happened just as he had prophesied gave credibility to everything he did and everything he claimed.

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      Jesus claimed to be equal to God. He claimed to be the way, the truth, and the life. He claimed that no one would get to the Father, except through Him. Jesus’ claims were vindicated when he died for the sin of many and rose again, overcoming death, and giving us the hope of eternal life with Him.

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      Jesus claimed he was God, that no one could come to to the father except through him. This was vindicated through his miracles of healing, teaching and casting out demons.

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