The word “synergism,” describing two forces or activities that work together, is seen in God’s dealings with Job. What were the forces at work, and how did they result in Job’s good?

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      If I recall correctly God instructed Job to pray for his friends. The bible says that when Job prayed for his friends he was fully restored, actually 2 fold restoration.

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      The forces at work were Satan inflicting pain and suffering in Job’s life to test his faith in God. The result was Job remained faithful to God and did not curse God, but instead kept firm to his faith and was rewarded with more than he lost in the end.

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      Two forces: the power of Satan and the power of Christ through his faith were seen in Jobs life. Satan was trying to defeat him, but in all Job stood up strong. This resulted in his story been published and a witness for generations and generations.

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      Good vs. Evil. God had a plan for Job and his life, but Satan wanted to break him. They resulted in good because Job relied on God faithfully.

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      God and Satan. The evil forces of Satan were used (turned off you will) into good by God. Without Job’s suffering at the hands of Satan, good would not have been realised.

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      Well one could consider the force of God working with the forces of satan. They were working together to create an even greater strength of worship and understanding in Job.. then there was Job and God. Job was relying on God to get him through the suffering. God was showing Job that he was in control. That God was all powerful. This led Job to a deeper understanding of who God is.

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      The forces at work were good verses evil. God’s plan for Job and his growth verses Satan’s plan to prove that Jobe could be broken. Satan’s testing of Job by taking all he had gave Job the chance to strengthen his faith in his God. He had friends try to tell him he needed to live a better life, he lost his family, his lively hood, he lost everything, except his love and trust in God. His steadfastness in his faith produced more than he lost.

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