To what extent do you need to move from the community of pretenders to the community of the broken?

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      Take every encounter with others at church seriously and see it as opportunities to share the spiritual struggles, devotion convictions and start with my own.

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      If I understand this course, Dr. Crabb has stated that we are all a mess. So why pretend to be something that we are not. Obviously in passing someone we know we all tend to give the standard okay reply. But as we get the opportunity to talk one on one, all pretending should stop. We don’t live in Eden but we can help one another draw nearer to God no matter what’s going on in our life.

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      When Life is easy, and perfect, and everything is just fine. It is time to move from the community of pretenders to the community of the broken. Where real people have real problems, real hurts and real challenges in life. Christ showed this by His example here on earth, where he chose to reach out to the broken and the lost, the rich and the poor, the sick and the lame. Where Christ showed His love, through His mercy and grace.

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      I am pretty vulnerable, but selectively. I long to not pretend, but often am afraid of what others will think if I reveal my brokenness. I want to be so in love with and secure with Jesus that the desire to stop pretending is greater than my fear of man’s opinion.

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      “The journey to God is governed not by the law of linearity, but rather by the law of liberty. ”
      We live in a messy world, we are all mess up; we don’t have to pretend we are not, because God can turn the mess into His message.
      First thing first, is to accept my messiness, and then yield them to the Lord, to turn it into a message (intimacy with Him)

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      Only as we move into the authenticity of showing our true brokenness can we truly offer spiritual friendship. God’s goal is nearness to Himself and that becomes possible as we are honest with Him and others about our brokenness.

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      I need to stop saying I’m always okay and become honest with appropriate testimonies with my spiritual friends. Realizing what dreams shattered and the difference between my lesser desires and my greatest desire and moving toward that.

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