Using the example of the father’s vision for his daughter (from the lecture), write out a vision for someone you know well. Give the written vision to the person and discuss it with him/her. Describe what this experience was like for you. Was anything in your soul or in the soul of the one with whom you shared the vision?

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      I wrote a letter to my mother. We have had a bit of a tumultuous relationship; I know she loves me, but she acts in so many ways that are uncomfortable for me, and she doesn’t seem to care (she thinks it is funny). I’ve seen her as a bit hard to “know”; she talks a lot, but I have never felt like I know her.

      She lives far away, so I was unable to see her reaction when I wrote her this letter. But in it, I shared some of my heart; apologized for my part in some of our friction; and offered some of my hopes and vision for her and what God will do in her life.

      I received digital communication back after she got the letter, and she seemed very touched. We normally don’t have good conversations; she keeps herself VERY busy. But she said that she truly wished we had more quiet time to talk together. I have never had her really want to spend time with me (she enjoys my kids, but I think I just frustrate her because I don’t tend to do what she “wants”); but my letter seemed to stir something in her to where she would want to interact with me more deeply. I hope that it has opened the door for good, SoulCare type conversations in the near future!

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      My son’s girlfriend was going through issues with her mother and they were at an impasse. It had gotten so bad that she was ready to give up on her mother and her mother was ready to give up on her. Her mother even kicked her out. I couldn’t just sit back and allow the enemy to have his way so, I allowed her daughter to move in with us. Things became even more heated, when even her younger brother moved out. I knew that God had more for them. I knew that His vision was more important than anything else.

      As, I counseled them, I saw that vision for both of them to have a personal relationship with God. I saw that God wanted them to want Him more than anything else. I expressed how deeply God wanted them to thirst after him. Thirst after His overwhelming love. I knew that deep down inside were true image -bearers of Him. As our talks progressed, they two realized that they need God more than they needed each other. Things so drastically and quickly, that even before we knew it, their relationship grew stronger with God and with each other. My son’s girlfriend moved back home and now their relationship is better than it has ever been. Now, the whole family is back together. Even her younger brother returned home.

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      The 10-years old’s sparkled with love and hope. It’s like a ‘chain’ removed that she didn’t have to prove herself to her mum that she is academically competent to be beautiful. She is beautiful because she has a beautiful heart and mind. Personally, I felt I have shown her love – a love that is not possessive and binding – it’s a love of liberty. The child’s life – now and future, is the loving hands of a God who loves. This is my legacy I want to leave for her – not a financially secure future.

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