Using the example of the father’s vision for his daughter (from the lecture), write out a vision for someone you know well. Give the written vision to the person and discuss it with him/her. Describe what this experience was like for you. Was anything in your soul or in the soul of the one with whom you shared the vision?

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      I wrote a vision letter to my husband and one to my daughter. I felt a pull or resistance while writing them, an uncomfortable feeling at first. I’ve always had a problem with saying nice things and taking compliments. I think it originates from my childhood. My dad doesn’t say nice things very often and my mom always does but it makes me feel very uncomfortable. Anyway, down a rabbit trail….I felt uncomfortable at first, but after I overcame that. I felt a sense of compassion and love fueled inside of me and I started to actually mentally visualize my husband being the godly husband I pray for him to become as if he already was. And I visualized my daughter growing up to be a godly woman. As I wrote them, I felt so much hope and inspiration. I gave it to them when I got home from work and after they read them, they didn’t really say anything, My first internal reaction was feeling a little sad that it didn’t mean as much to them as it did to me. But as the day went on, My husband, instead of putting one of his favorite shows on or playing his video game, he put a sermon on the TV. Sharing my vision, what I believe is Gods vision with him, inspired him, sparked a flame. Then my daughter that evening was helping with her two brothers, making her own lunch, coloring with her brothers, a spark , a motivation was in her too. Then this morning as we were all getting ready for work and school. It was the easiest morning I have ever experienced as a mother. No problems at the breakfast table, everyone ready on time. No nagging, yelling, or crying. I really didn’t think it would have that much of an impact on my household. But God works.

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      I’m writing the vision for my wife. I’m almost finished. As soon as I started putting in practice the concepts and principles learnt on the course, I was amazed of being able to see things I wasn’t able to notice on my wife and on people around me. That helped to start seeing things in myself that with the harshness of everyday living struggles we tend to forget and disregard.

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      My vision for you is that you get swept off your feet by the power of God’s love for you, that you know it in your most inner depths, that all other petty desires and demands fall away, that you are able to receive God’s love and give it generously to others, that you delight in God and He becomes the source of your deepest pleasure, that you are freedom from any desire to control and manipulate the world as you discover the abundance that is our inheritance in Christ.

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      I wrote a vision letter to my daughter in law. She read it and expressed her thankfulness. We then had an interesting talk where I shared with her about the exterior and interior world, and how most relationships never go below the waterline. Since she coaches women in weight management, she’s realized that a big part of that puzzle has to include what she calls mindset work. If she just fixes the problem, like a temporary bandaid, the changes made won’t stick. My DIL was interested in the fact that the new heart received upon conversion includes all necessary to fulfill what God wants us to be. I asked her if I could help guide her through what I’m learning so she could truly fulfill her passion to help other women. Thankfully, she was open and this was a fruitful process.

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      I wish I had known about this before my mother went to be with the Lord. I think this could have really benefited our relationship which was one of coldness, anger, and misunderstanding towards one another. She was a very angry and manipulative woman, and I was afraid of her. I was and still am a deeply sensitive person who longed to have a good relationship with her but couldn’t because we constantly butted heads. When I say deeply sensitive, I mean I can easily have my feelings hurt and I can’t express myself to people who intimidate me so I just felt angry and cold towards her which didn’t help the situation at all. I felt jealous of my brother who she seemed to love more. And my mother seemed to be jealous of me for whatever reason, I’ll never know. I think writing a vision letter to my mother now might be beneficial to me though it can’t help her right now. But I think right now, being in the presence of the Lord, she is able to love me with a love she never could before. I’m actually looking forward to seeing her in heaven. My heart is tender towards her now because I know in my heart there was a reason for her anger though I never could touch her soul enough to find out. I grieve the loss of the type of relationship with my mother that I think we both truly wanted but just couldn’t attain because of the brokeness in us both. I know this wasn’t what the assignment asked but it was on my heart because I believe we could have so benefited from this while she was still alive and it saddens me to not have the opportunity to write it to her.

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        “I grieve the loss of the type of relationship with my mother that I think we both truly wanted but just couldn’t attain because of the brokeness in us both.”
        Very moving. Thanks so much for sharing this, Jillian. Despite the deep sadness, your insight is life-giving. Thank you for the gift.

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      This is a very hard assignment, in the fact that the person my letter needs to go to, doesn’t want contact from me. I will say that I do hope and pray that this will change, and one day she will want to be back in our family.

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      This is a difficult assignment. I have several people (3) in my life whom I could write a ‘vision’ letter to. I think it will take a lot of time and thought to write such a letter. I see a lot of issues, feel a lot frustration, sadness or hopelessness, but no vision :-(. So I really have to pray and ask God for a vision. Especially as defined by Dr. Crabb, “VISION is based on confidence in the power of the SPIRIT of GOD to move through anything to accomplish good purposes.” … for those who love Jesus, the good purpose is becoming more like Jesus.
      Once I do write the letter, it would be a difficult thing for me to give it to them. I’m fearful of how they will receive the letter, will they understand? or will it cause more disappointment and frustration? Nevertheless, I will work on it, I will pray for it.

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      I had a discussion with a dear friend. I was pleased to spend time with her and she had mentioned she wanted to be more involved in church. She was grateful for the invitation that was extended to her. We both realized that having a relationship with Christ should always come first. It is so easy to be distracted, but a prayer for both of us was to have a thirst for the Word, and have the ability to practice gentleness and kindness and truly love our neighbors as ourselves. It is very easy to speak about, but we were encouraging each other to take practical actions to this principle. We ended in prayer and it was a blessed time to share. The vision and hope that I know to be vital is seeking after His kingdom. Spiritual warfare is raging and we need to equip ourselves in armor against the enemies’ flaming arrows.

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      I wrote a letter to my sister who has for many years, beginning when I was a child, helped take care of me when I have been sick with an ongoing health issue. My sister comes across as “cold” to many, including me at times, and many feel she is not approachable. However, I have had the privilege to witness the warm heart that she has shown be numerous times as she tended to be in some extremely trying times, and even when I have been close to death. I know, like myself, the difficulties our family has experienced and can see in both of us how our self-centeredness blocks us from what we desire most: to be loved and known by God.

      I gave her the letter at a time when she was staying at my house and helping me through a difficult recovery. She is not one to show feelings, by she cried and looked me in the eye and said, “Thank You.” She even offered me a hug, which is very unlike her to do, because she doe not like showing vulnerability or emotion. My soul was warm towards her and I felt genuine in writing the letter. This would have been difficult for me to do had it been a few years ago. I wanted her to know how much I loved and appreciated her for just being herself with me and for all she had done. I know much was going on in her as she read the letter, but instead of using words, her tears and eye contact said it all.

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      I had a similar situation with my daughter when she was in high school. God gave me some time in the car with her one day and I was able to speak into her life about not only how much I loved her, but how much God loved her unconditionally no matter what was happening and what she was doing. He had purpose for her and told her all the talents He had created in her. She cried in the car that day. I continued to love her where she was at, encouraged her and told her all the incredible things I saw God created and was developing in her, but also told her that I couldn’t be her best friend. I was her mom and there to come beside her and guide her, not be friends. If I had given up on her, stopped discussing the gifts and talents God gave her even while she was at her darkest and lowest points, I’m not sure where she’d be today. God grabbed her heart and life and changed it, and I got to be a vessel of Christ to walk alongside her and watch God work. About 8 years later, my daughter and I were talking and she looked at me and said, “you never stopped loving me”. Today she is married to a very strong Christian man, teaches at a dual language elementary school, graduated with her Masters, is fluent in Spanish, and we are best friends now! God is good!

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      I wrote a letter to my mother. We have had a bit of a tumultuous relationship; I know she loves me, but she acts in so many ways that are uncomfortable for me, and she doesn’t seem to care (she thinks it is funny). I’ve seen her as a bit hard to “know”; she talks a lot, but I have never felt like I know her.

      She lives far away, so I was unable to see her reaction when I wrote her this letter. But in it, I shared some of my heart; apologized for my part in some of our friction; and offered some of my hopes and vision for her and what God will do in her life.

      I received digital communication back after she got the letter, and she seemed very touched. We normally don’t have good conversations; she keeps herself VERY busy. But she said that she truly wished we had more quiet time to talk together. I have never had her really want to spend time with me (she enjoys my kids, but I think I just frustrate her because I don’t tend to do what she “wants”); but my letter seemed to stir something in her to where she would want to interact with me more deeply. I hope that it has opened the door for good, SoulCare type conversations in the near future!

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      My son’s girlfriend was going through issues with her mother and they were at an impasse. It had gotten so bad that she was ready to give up on her mother and her mother was ready to give up on her. Her mother even kicked her out. I couldn’t just sit back and allow the enemy to have his way so, I allowed her daughter to move in with us. Things became even more heated, when even her younger brother moved out. I knew that God had more for them. I knew that His vision was more important than anything else.

      As, I counseled them, I saw that vision for both of them to have a personal relationship with God. I saw that God wanted them to want Him more than anything else. I expressed how deeply God wanted them to thirst after him. Thirst after His overwhelming love. I knew that deep down inside were true image -bearers of Him. As our talks progressed, they two realized that they need God more than they needed each other. Things so drastically and quickly, that even before we knew it, their relationship grew stronger with God and with each other. My son’s girlfriend moved back home and now their relationship is better than it has ever been. Now, the whole family is back together. Even her younger brother returned home.

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      The 10-years old’s sparkled with love and hope. It’s like a ‘chain’ removed that she didn’t have to prove herself to her mum that she is academically competent to be beautiful. She is beautiful because she has a beautiful heart and mind. Personally, I felt I have shown her love – a love that is not possessive and binding – it’s a love of liberty. The child’s life – now and future, is the loving hands of a God who loves. This is my legacy I want to leave for her – not a financially secure future.

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