Vernon Grounds asserts that religion has caused many unnecessary burdens in the past and continues to do so today. What does he suggest are the results? Can you think of other results besides these?

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      Religion, for what it is, is simply rules to follow that are supposed to get you to a certain point. Rules and unnecessary laws that only place a burden on the follower.. The results can send the follower away from the supposed purpose of the religion.

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      People not wanting to put up with the many rules that come with follow a specific religion and decide to walk away from faith as a result. People also have their own belief on what religion is to them and tat their religion must be the only true one otherwise its not worth the time and effort put into it.

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      People walking away from their faith. People not wanting to get involved in organized religion because of the many rules passed down

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      The results are that many people look done on those that follow that religion because of the impact the religion (not the person) has had on the world. Even now, look how religion is playing a part in politics and therefore how we respond to the current pandemic.

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      Karla Joy

      I think “religion” sadly causes a decline in belief in God in general . Jesus said, “ye shall know them by their fruits”. When non-believers ( and even new Christians) can “see” that the supposed leaders and people proclaiming the name of Christ – are not what they say they are, ( specifically when our words/actions do not coincide with the words/actions of Jesus) then that sets the precedent for hypocrisy; thus creating a decline in people wanting to learn and know more about Christ personally, and some even becoming apostate. We have got to seek Truth, true believers are not always going to do the right thing, we will make mistakes, but we will ultimately seek to mimic Christ in all ways, and do our best to abide to His teachings. Keeping Christ First- Anything less than that, would just be merely keeping up appearances, and not bearing fruit. You can be assured that those who don’t know Christ “yet” are watching those who claim that they do know Christ. And our words/actions matter. I recently had a discussion with my husband on this matter. He has come to believe that he would rather choose apostasy, that claim to be religious ( because he sees the hypocrisy). My words to him ( before I started this class ) were this… I asked him if he remembered the scribes / pharisees and how they scorned Jesus for healing / performing miracles on the sabbath. So, Jesus asked them, if the ox was in the ditch ( pit) on the sabbath would they not pull it out???? ( My husband remembered this) I told him it was the scribes religious practices that Jesus himself rebuked. In essence… if Jesus himself rejected the “holiness” of the scribes… he was rebuking their so called “religion”. I told my husband, reject it too- but accept Jesus. Jesus is Truth, we need a Savior ( he understood the point I was making) Now, I keep praying for him, and keep believing… because I know My God is a God of possibilities, and He can turn any situation around. Since I’ve been in your classes, I had previously been studying the Old Testament closer. I had just completed Daniel- Micah… and your website changed to this new one ( which is great by the way ) I happened upon this course, and I am delighted I went out of the order I was taking, and enrolled in this one. This is “hitting home” for me… and I am encouraged and strengthened that your message here is Jesus ( not religion ) .

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      I do not know about him and didn’t see specific reading by him. But religion, in my head, is about living a certain way and being judgmental of those that don’t follow the rules exactly. this causes people to be unforgiving of others and themselves. It causes people to think they are better than others, more worthy in the eyes of God. But Jesus came to save us all. We don’t have to be perfect, just be willing to love Him with our whole heart so we can love others like He did.

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      Our Daily Bread
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