Vernon Grounds comments, “Is the world improving? Is mankind making progress? Technologically, yes; morally, no. Alas, the 20th century is perhaps the bloodiest century in all recorded time. You look at what’s transpiring around the world and, except for the promise of God and His ultimate purpose, you might succumb to despair.” Why can a Christian and an atheist both agree on a human nature with destructive tendencies?

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      All anyone has to do is turn on the television set and watch the news to see that human nature has destructive tendencies. All the looting, protesting, destruction, rioting, murdering, etc… cannot be ignored.

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      All you have to do is take a one second look at our culture to understand this! Even things that are made with good intent, still get corrupted by the hearts of evil man.

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      Because of the moral decline of humanity. Just as Cain and his family were evil and violent so is man in our present time. Only those who put their trust in Christ have hope.

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      Both Christians and atheists can see there are people who are inherently good and kind and who try to do the right thing, and that there are people who are self-centered and who seek power. The good people are not all Christians, and the bad people are not all non-Christians, so even without a religious viewpoint, human nature does have destructive tendencies.

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      Everyone can see that there are horrible and bad things happening around the world. Christians and athiests just have different reasons for why they believe this is happening.

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      We can both agree on a human nature with destructive tendencies because it is so easily seen by looking at the world. People all around the world are making choices that cause despair and pain to others. The difference is that Christian’s have an understanding that atheist’s do not. The issue is an issue of the heart. These people are all in need of Jesus to come and change them from the inside out. The atheist sees the issues of the world and doesn’t have a great way of explaining it.

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      A Christian and an atheist could both agree on human nature with destructive tendencies because we live in a fallen world that is victim to sin. Only in Heaven, will everything be restored to it’s rightful place and purpose.

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      Woo seob

      YES, I agree. This is because historical events or the appearance of human good and evil remain unchanged. After all, humans are beings who can do anything for their desires rather than God.

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      As a Christian we can see that humans have destructive natures just by reading our Bibles. There are so many examples of destructive tendencies in the verses. We can also see it in the world around us and that is where the atheist would see it as well. Since atheists believe in no higher power, the human being is all there is. Though they may argue for the good parts of human beings, the destructive tendencies of mankind are there in their midst everyday. So, yes I do believe that the Christian and the atheist would agree on human nature with destructive tendencies.

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      Christine Sweeney

      We all are born with an inner awareness of right and wrong. Therefore an atheist still believes in right and wrong. They just don’t believe there is a God that is in control of it all. So this world is the only thing they have to look forward to because they do not believe in life after death. As Believers we have the promise of an eternal life in Heaven.
      I do believe our world is improving technologically but it is also being used immorally and bringing more sin to this world. I agree that Technology has helped us advance in a lot of areas but it has also brought a lot of destruction to families, children and marriages.

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      I think that a Christian and an atheist can both agree on a human nature with destructive tendencies because…
      1. Atheists reject the belief in a Godly power. For them, this world and what is in it is all there is. When you look at the state of the world in 2022 and consider COVID, racial tensions, political tension it seems that a human nature with destructive tendencies is on display.
      2. A Christian could agree to this point because Christians recognize sinful nature in humanity. This is seen through scripture, human are destructive.

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      I think that both a Christian and Atheist can agree on human nature having destructive tendencies, because if you look around or listen to the news, you hear it all around you. It is true that all people. whether they are believers are not, have this tendency. Christians know that this tendency is a sin nature, but an Atheist may not have any reasoning for it. People from any background or belief can still see and record instances where humans have turned something “good” into something destructive, despite the intentions.

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      Both an atheist and Christians can agree the destructive tendencies because many things have been created by men and women scientists later end up with destruction of our world, but Christians have believed and trust in the promises of God on his ultimately purpose for us different to this an atheist who don’t have this hope and promises.

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      Both a Christian and an Atheist can agree on human nature with destructive tendencies because that is the reality of our world today. The only difference is that the Christian knows why we have destructive tendencies (sin) and they have a hope to turn to.

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      A Christian and an atheist can agree on a human nature with destructive tendencies because of what is happening now and from history, but as Christians we also believe and trust in the promises of God and His Ultimate purpose for us, in apposed to the atheist who don’t have this belief.

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      Christians and atheists can agree that we have destructive tendencies because though men and women have created amazing things through technology, many of those same things can be used to harm our earth and our fellow humans.

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      I believe a Christian and an atheist can agree, because of all the bloodshed we see today. Look at 2020 witb all the violence, rioting and looting. Look at all the destruction. Look at all the hatred spewed out at this time. Anyone can see the destructive tendencies of human nature.

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      Kevin Menear

      We both recognize the destructive nature in humanity. Christians recognize this as a fall from grace. Atheists believe this is just human nature as it has evolved through time.

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      Because we have an inner moral compass that tells us what is right and wrong. We can all agree that certain things are wrong, like murder and stealing.

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      Past experiences, past events we all see the same things happening. We know what is good and we see the injustice and immorality all around us. God created both the Christian and the atheist in His own image. We have been given the ability to love mankind.

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      Even without Christianity in mind, morally, mankind has been progressively more immoral.

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      Our Daily Bread
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