We don’t return to God for several reasons, among them: We do not see our flesh dynamics. We lose hope. What does the phrase “flesh dynamics” mean? When have you experienced these hindrances to returning to God?

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      Without recognizing my flesh dynamics, I will not be aware of what I need to address to return to God. I will be fooling myself in thinking I am doing OK on my spiritual walk and instead may be just satisfying my human, secular desires.

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      The flesh dynamics are when we look to things on this earth to give us the fulfillment that only God can provide. I continue to feel as though I want God, but I also want things to be comfortable and easy, and I’ll serve Him along the way, and everything will be just great that way. But it seems that He knows that those things become an idol to me, and He’s been stripping things away so that He is my only hope. I do feel that I lose hope some days, but I also feel that He’s all I have to cling to in the midst of the hard times.

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      Flesh dynamics means trying to make life work without God, in our own flesh. I often find it hard to return to God and live in union with Him, when I am succeeding in making life work in the flesh. It is when I am at the end of my natural abilities and life is not working that I more easily turn to Him and seek Him.

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      “Flesh dynamics” is the tension of our fallen nature with that of God’s original design.
      The battle within us that wrestle to choose our ways to make outrage life work, our pleasures met APART from God.
      The greatest hindrance to return to God is when our ways and the ways of God looks more pleasing than that of God.
      (Reminded how Eve fell cos her eyes saw what was more pleasing to her, and doubted God’s way is better)

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      Flesh dynamics: When we are in a middle of a spiritual battle, middle of a crisis, in the middle of discouragement or loosing hope. Finding ways to make life work without God. When we have conflict with family, friends, or at work, or when we feel irritable, stressed, or don’t know how to solve a difficult issue in life. When have you experienced the hindrances to returning to God? When I am in the middle of striving to do better, perform better, when I set the bars really high and I have goals and things in life I yet to accomplish. Sometimes or many times it is hard to return to God, when I am extremely stressed or in a middle of a conflict, by believing sometimes that I need to be always on top and have my life in order. Sometimes these hindrances keep me from returning to God. I need to surrender to Christ and let Him gently lead me along my journey.

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      Flesh dynamics war against our spirit. They are the feelings and thoughts that go against word of God. If I base my decisions on how I am feeling or what I want, my life becomes about me pleasing and protecting myself instead of living for God and serving others. If I become my own source , losing hope is inevitable because I am not God. Believing the lie that we are in control causes us to try harder instead of surrendering to God. I have experienced this in my need to be a better wife, mom and teacher. I found myself trying to learn more, do more to ‘fix’ things or do what other people were doing instead of surrendering those areas to Christ and drawing closer to him.

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      Flesh dynamics are the processes in which we desire things other than God and try to find satisfaction in them rather than God. I have experienced flesh dynamics when I believe I can find satisfaction in something other than Christ. I’ve lost hope before when I am trying to make something in my life work and it just isn’t.

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      Flesh dynamics means we let our concentration on what we cling to and not what God wants hinder, stop or block our progress in returning to God.

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