What, according to Dr. Blomberg, is the significance of the new Jerusalem discussed in the book of Revelation?

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      Stephen Moore

      Instead of splendid isolation (as in the garden) we will be in redeemed community (in the New Heaven and Earth). It has taken a real mind shift in my life to come to appreciate this.

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      The New Jerusalem, with its splendour and glory, stand in contrast to the garden of Eden. Both are a reality, that contradict any notion that the after-life is not physical. The new Jerusalem is a city, which will be inhabited by the redeemed. It will not fall prey to temptation, because Christ has overcome sin. Instead there will be no pain or death, and, with God dwelling among His people, there will be everlasting holiness among the community.

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      It is where true believers will spend eternity with God.

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      Our Daily Bread
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