What advice would you give a new Christian who wants to read the book of Revelation?

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      Stephen Moore

      I think that my advice would be the same as with any Scripture: pray, pray, pray and listen, listen, listen!

      Revelation is a very special book, and is filled with trippy symbols and images, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, and with the other Scriptures, we can get a clearer picture of the redemption plan – and it is awesome!

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      I would advise them to be cautious in taking the book literally. to remember that the visions are symbolic, and have led to many different interpretations. I would add that one should be prepared to differ with others, and not be dogmatic about the views one personally understands to be true. One must seek the views of biblical scholars;ars and try to understand the context in which the book was originally written, as it was written to real people living in real times, and they were meant to understand what was written as applicable to the time they were living in.

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      I would inform them to read Revelations with an open mind. Read different interpretations and have a study Bible with you while reading. Have someone you trust to go to for questions as you go along and take your time in studying and not just reading it through.

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      Read with an open heart and open mind.

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      Our Daily Bread
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