What are some differences between the Jesus Muslims talk about and the Jesus we read about in the Bible?

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      Islam, as every faith that stands against Christianity, has a reinterpretation of Jesus. In Islamic belief and teaching, Jesus was a good man–born as every other–who was great in teaching, but He was just a prophet. Judas died in Jesus’ place on the cross, and Jesus ascended to Heaven.

      The assertions of Islam about Jesus contrast sharply with the Bible’s revelation of Jesus as “prophet, priest, and king”, who is the Messiah and the Savior of the world.

      Christians believe that our faith is a distinctive reality, grounded in God’s progressive revelation of Himself, His will, and His ways as they are unfolded in the Bible, asserting:
      – the need to believe the truth about who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for sinners
      – that Jesus asserted and demonstrated that He was:
      1) fully God (possessing the nature of God as the only eternal Son of the Father)
      2) fully Man, though conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb of Mary, a man who:
      a) voluntarily accepted the limitations of an earthly human nature
      b) suspended temporarily the full use of His capabilities as God’s Son
      c) died for sins and was raised from death so that we may, by faith, be saved from sin and its consequences
      c) continues now and forever to be a Man in heaven who intercedes for us, voluntarily uses His abilities as God’s Son, and abides with believers through the
      presence and power of the Holy Spirit.
      The Scripture tells us that the Son of God is equal with God, that He is eternally God, and He’s essentially God. (That’s John 1:1).

      Muslim apologists speak out against this kind of faith in Christ.

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