What are some events where you have seen communities or neighborhoods pull together because of a catastrophe of some sort?

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      Recently, my son had lymphoma cancer and pretty much died a few times (thankfully he is ok now) His name went out around the world in big groups and small groups and small churches and communities to big ones. He became a celebrity of sorts. The prayer that happened, the miracles, the support my wife and I got was breathtaking. The whole community pitched in to take care of our other 5 kids and to this day, we have life long friends and amazing people in our lives

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      Most recently, in the response to the Marshall fire near Denver. During and after mass shootings such as at Columbine High or at the Aurora theater during the Batman movie—The Dark Knight Rises.

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      A few years ago, there was a shooting at a bar in our city. The people pulled together to make the lost lives worth something. In particular, a deputy sherriff was killed and the community came around his family to help support them in a number of different ways.

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      9-11 or the earthquakes in Haiti. Right after 9-11, people wanted to help others. They wanted to get involved. After the earthquakes, people and aid were sent.

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      9 11 was certainly such a time. I recall that many pastors from all around the country went to New York to minister to people.
      They simply went at the prompting of God. They served humbly in any task they could with kindness and humility.

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      2016 earthquake in Manta, so many pulled together to offer shelter and to rebuild.

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      right away in response to this question I thought of 9/11 and hurricane super storm Sandy. I remembered how my community came together to help each other with food, helping the elderly, stores giving things away to people with no money, people coming together to help clean and just spending time together putting way our differences.

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      In my Capeverdean culture, when there is a death the entire community comes together sharing food and material goods to the mourning family, and they visit them In their homes for few months so they do not grieve alone. At times these are strangers coming into the houses, but the presence of those strangers and conversations gives comfort to the family.

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      The first major event that comes to mind is September 11. Despite the horror of that day, the way people pulled together in the days that followed was incredible.

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      As odd as it seems, or at least now, COVID would be a good present day example…at least the initial response in most countries. We saw people do things that they would never have done to help battle the pandemic. Respect and admiration was given to frontline workers like never before. Donations and bonding together became frequent. Sadly, politics and I think pandemic fatigue have begun to get in the way, but it was nice to see while it lasted.

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      People have pulled together when there are major catastrophic events like the bombing of the twin towers, hurricanes and earthquakes. When a disaster falls upon people, others want to help out in any way that they can.

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      When there were the big fires in California, there was a great push for people to donate items to the families that lost their homes. Even in COVID, people made more of an effort to check in on each other and be there for each other when things got unbearable.

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      I immediately thought of 9/11. I was in college and everyone was hugging strangers, lining us at blood banks, hanging American flags to show that we were-united with those who were directly impacted by this horrific incident .

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