What are the historical facts reported in the New Testament of the resurrection of Jesus Christ? How are these sometimes explained away? How did Thomas respond in John 20?

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      There is no body to be found and there are over 500 witnesses to his resurrected body. Many want to claim that these individuals had a hallucinatory event, but it is not possible for that many people to have the same hallucination at the same time.

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      There were may people who saw the resurrected Jesus. People have tried to explain these eyewitness accounts away by saying the witnesses were hallucinating. Thomas doubted the resurrection and needed to see physical proof that it had occurred. Thomas believed once Jesus had shown him his wounds.

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      Historical facts are many people saw the resurrected Christ. Some say they were halucinating and did not actually see Christ. Thomas doubted until he felts the wounds of Christ and than believed.

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