What are your thoughts about Jesus being God? What do you think about Jesus being fully deity and fully human?

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      We cannot get around the statements in Scripture that distinguish the Son from the Father and yet assert the deity of both. This distinction holds from all eternity and includes, by necessity (I believe), the eternal subordination of the Son to the Father. As to this subordination, for example, the Father sends the Son into the world to live and speak for Him and die for sins and be raised from death. The Son would not—and could not, I believe—send the Father on this mission. He was the Son—prior to this mission—and, therefore, was at the call of the Father who sent Him.

      Then, as a man in the incarnate state, the Son voluntarily relinquishes the conscious use of some or all of His powers as God in order to live as a human being. The doctrine of the dual natures of Jesus Christ seems absolutely necessary to accommodate and explain this incarnated experience.

      So, the creed profoundly summarizes the truth of the Incarnation with the phrase, “fully God and fully Man.” Jesus will now live forever as a glorified man, with the distinction of also being the first and foremost of these and of being God—now functioning in fully conscious measure as God, the way He did in the glory of His Father prior to the Incarnation.

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