What aspect of Revelation do you find most difficult to understand? Has this lecture shed any light on it?

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      The language surrounding the symbols. People claim the images are this and that and I’m not so sure. It seems anything but understandable to me. This lecture takes much of the confusion away for me. It makes sense that Jesus would want His followers to be clear and not confused. That’s reassuring to me.

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      Obviously the images and descriptions that I have always thought were futuristic. The lecture points us to the premise that Revelation was intended for these seven first century churches and they would have understood.

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      Honestly, all the imagery and symbolism is a bit difficult to understand. I like that the lecture spoke about how John’s readers would have been able to understand it, which makes me think we might be making Revelation out to be more complex than it really is

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      This lecture definitely has helped clear the myth that I originally think is too difficult to understand as the imageries are such novelty. Keeping the focus on the grand mission and not the finite details are another advice that I will keep in mind while studying this book. Thanks

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      I found the imagery and symbols hard to comprehend especially when I tried to apply them to today’s world events and culture. It is very helpful to know it’s understandable for John and the readers at that time.

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      Joseph Wilson

      The book of revelation is broken down through a design outline. The things which were, which are, and which are to come – Rev 1:27. The book was meant to be understood.

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      Some of the imagery made Revelation very difficult to understand, especially when reading it as a teenager and in the King James Version which has dialects that we don’t use today. I had often wondered if the message was a warning to unbelievers and what was the place of believers during this time.

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      The imagery and symbols have always proven difficult to understand. I think I always knew, to some extent, that readers from John’s time would have a better understanding and that my ignorance of their culture, environment, etc. limited my understanding. It’s great to have been provided with useful, easy to comprehend reources/commentaries that will help me to decipher the meaning of these things.

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      The symbolic things described from chapter 4-19 are hard to understand what they mean. In this lecture, the teacher mentioned that the first readers knew what John was talking about so that they could obey the messages to them. But for a reader of today’s world, we may not have the background or culture to make sense of what John wrote. I agree some of the good commentaries on the book of Revelation may help.

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      The symbolism, sometimes I tend to take it literally, But I must remember that it was written two thousand years earlier in a different culture, a
      different language, a different age, a different environment.

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      The most perplexing feature of Revelation are the seals and trumpets. I have a better idea that they represent aspects of the Roman Empire.

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      The symbolism is the hardest for me to understand. It hard to comprehend exactly what John is trying to say in many places. I think by giving of the names of some commentaries that we can refer to is great. I’ve often used commentaries in the past and well written ones can open up the Bible and make it easier to understand.

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      Baboo samuel

      The myth that it is a code of mysteries but actually speaks directly to the readers at any age present.

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      Imagery and symbolism was always a bit of a mystery, but I do believe God’s word was never meant to be not understood and these lectures do help. Not to say I fully grasp it all in revelation now. The more time I spend in God’s word the more is revealed to me.

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      I never understood the overall intent or purpose of Revelations because it is such a unique book.
      This lecture has taken away some of the mystery and clearly emphasized that this is a book to be understood and it’s contents revealed.

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      I agree with Helena and Richard. They expressed my thoughts completely. I have avoided this book, because after reading it, I was often more confused than helped. I have heard many views that seem to contradict and have just turned away, feeling as Richard, that God is at work and does not need me to understand in order for Him to fulfill his purposes. As I listened to Dr Mattewson, I have been full of skepticism, with the passage from Daniel floating in my memory. So when he showed the difference between what God told Daniel and what he told John about sealing or revealing that really turned my doubtful mind around. I am now eager to see what more is hiding in plain sight! I am studying 2 Timothy right now also and these two books already seem to have a very similar message for the times and season we are in right now!

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      The symbolic language is for me the hardest thing to understand. Yes, I believe this lecture has been helpful in growing my understanding.

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      The imagery of it all and how to apply it to our daily life and how do I take it in and understand what the Lord is trying to show me.

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      One aspect of Revelation that I find most difficult is how to apply what is being revealed in Heaven and on the Earth. I am hoping to understand what I am reading. I want to interpret correctly what John saw both in the spiritual and earthly realms. This lecture is helpful.

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      For me, the hardest to understand was the imagery – determing what time period the book was actually talking about. Was it talking about the near future (…the time is near) or was it talking about end times (i.e. our future when Jesus is coming back for the 2nd time). I understand that it would have been deceptive for John to write a letter to the 7 churches about things they would not possibly be able to understand. So I think the letter has important meanings to the churches back then. But I also feel that the letter could possibly have an important message for our current day church and we would be wise to read and try to discern the message the best we could.

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      The aspect of the seal, bowls and trumpet judgements and the described destruction that is to take place. So far, no specifics regarding these judgements has been addressed.

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      To be honest, Revelation was the most difficult for me to understand. Trying to put the little details together on my own even after prayer, it was difficult for me. The instructor helped me by not only providing lists of reliable guides to help me understand but reminded me that Jesus meant for Revelations to be understand. I’m excited to start over and listen to God’s Word and what He wants to reveal to me/us.

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        I am in agreement with you Helena. I have avoided Revelation over the years, content with the knowledge that God’s good purposes for this world will be accomplished regardless of my level of understanding, and also that there are so many differing interpretations of this book, I sought of avoided it. But Dr. Mathewson is not difficult to follow so I have been helped, yes.

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      It has helped me to understand more about the purpose for Revelation. It has definitely shed light into the reason for this book.

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      The hardest to understand is the imagery, and to try to connect the dots between the imagery and the literal to come to a full understanding of the book.

      I think the lecture is still in its early stages, I’ve read the book many times, but I must admit the lecture is making the understanding more doable. I’m excited to get to the deeper lectures of revelation.

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      Our Daily Bread
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