What can Jesus’ sufferings teach us about the way we should view difficulties, trials and sufferings in our own lives?

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      His sufferings remind us that though last during this season on earth, they help our faith to grow and see His work in us. They also allow us to see He was willing to be human and show us empathy. He gave up more than any of us will ever need to lose. He loves us so much that He chose to be not a triumphant king on earth that destroys all in His path that do not obey as the people thought He should, but to love quietly and humbly. We need to love one another and seek to follow Him in all things everyday.

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      Patricia Kasulinous

      First, because he suffered and was able to remain without sin we can be encouraged that we can stand up under trials and sufferings. If Jesus never suffered, we would not be be able to connect with him in our difficult times.
      Second, we are shown that trials and suffering are a key part of following Jesus’s example. Knowing that these things will happen allows us in our sinful state to prepare for difficulties and not be surprised when they happen. It shows us that the physical life is filled with suffering and does not end when we make Jesus Lord of our life.

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      Our Daily Bread
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