What can we learn (both positive and negative) from the life of David?

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      David exemplified loyalty, respect, and fear of the Lord. David always revered the Lord’s position. For example, when Saul was king, David brought honor and demonstrated loyalty to Saul even when Saul was not walking in the ways of the Lord.
      David became greater and greater because the Lord was with him. God will always be with us and will prosper us by His will.
      I can learn from David’s life that “my sin is ever before me”. I should acknowledge my sin, then repent and confess.
      David was not a good parent; He did not call his sons out on their sin as when Amnon raped his sister Tamar.
      David did not follow the instructions on how to move the ark, and Uzzah died because of it. David had to learn to heed God’s specific instructions and to do it God’s way.
      David decided to take a census which highlighted his power instead of trusting and depending on God. We can sometimes trust in our own strength, but things do not go well for us.

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      David made so many mistakes, poor choices and out right sin and repented too and God forgave him each time allowing consequences to happen. God always had patience. God wanted David to be the lineage to Christ. There was a higher plan a more excellent outcome. God can do this with us to . He forgives but doesn’t coddle. He treats us with respect and love. God didn’t shame David. He doesn’t shame us either.

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      David was a man after God’s heart and showed much wisdom and respect for God. He show loyalty to God and God’s plan, even when he was not wanted as king. He stayed steadfast to God’s plan and his previous anointment and was safe from Saul throughout the process and led to be the ultimate king over the Israelites. David was also a sinner, as he was a human too. He fell in many ways, with the biggest being his affair with Bathsheba and intentional murdering of her husband, Uriah. We see that all sins have consequeneces that are natural to it all, even with grace and forgiveness from God. We see what happens when one relies on pride solely, like when he thought that he was a strong enough leader to build an empire beyond the Promised Land, and God responded with a plague.

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