What did you know about hermeneutics and exegesis prior to this lesson? What do you know about them now?

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      Prior to this lesson, I had only heard of hermeneutics. I knew nothing about exegesis. I now know that both hermeneutics and exegesis work together to produce a careful critique of biblical texts.

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      Prior to this lesson, I knew nothing about hermeneutics nor exegesis. Hermeneutics is how one interprets, translates, and explains the Bible. It is the rules, principles and tactics for biblical interpretation. Exegesis is when we seek to understand and interpret a text in the Bible. It allows us to “enter the passage”. Exegesis is hermeneutics applied.

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      I didn’t know much besides the terms are commonly used when Christians describe pastors and their preaching styles. Many Christians prefer a pastor who carefully examines scripture before preaching on it through the process of hermeneutics. I now understand that hermeneutics is an important component in carefully interpreting the Bible. By using hermeneutics we can more responsibly handle and interpret God’s word.

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