What difference would it make if people became more aware of how much they continually exercise faith in daily living? The video presentation suggested that people tend to make gods in their own image. What is the significance of this?

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      If someone continually exercised faith in daily living, then they would draw closer to God and be in tune with His teachings. When one focuses on God and Scripture, they life becomes transformed and centered around honoring God and the Holy Spirit. If someone makes gods in their own image, then a path of self destruction is inevitable. It is so easy to idolize things on this earth or even turn yourself into an idol. Because Earth and man have fallen to sin, we can only rely on God for complete and whole satisfaction.

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      It would make us more cognizant of the fact that life without faith is impossible. This reality is great data for discussion with those who say “they aren’t religious” or “I’m not a person of faith.” Pointing out from a personal standpoint all of the ways/times we implement faith is a great data point and retort and could also provide an avenue for deeper discussion.

      There is great danger in making gods in our own image. In doing so, we do not have to face our sinful nature, our flawed character or wrong ideas and designs. We simply validate our wrong behavior and attitudes by attributing it to our god. The fact that our sinful nature is something we always battle, an immutable, unchanging God is a necessity for righteousness.

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      If people became more aware of how much they continually exercise faith in daily living, they may be more willing to accept and understand the faith that it takes to believe in God. This realization would help them be less dismissive of the need for faith to know that God exists. Not sure what the significance is of people making God in their own image. I’d speculate that it points to a connection between God and humankind, or foolishness of “making” a God in the first place who should be omnipotent, or humankind’s need for something concrete and tangible to worship.
      *Side-note: A contemporary video that also has more diversity would be more relatable and awesome. Thanks! 🙂 *

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      There would be a difference made if people became aware of how much they exercise faith in daily living, especially in regards to making gods in their own image. Dr. Willard describes the “natural and human world” as “overwhelming” and “oppressive”. Rather than focusing on specific Biblical truth that we sometimes don’t like to hear because it holds us accountable, we will use our humanly desires and inclinations to create a god that we are comfortable with. We try to turn Him into our image, rather than truly being reflectors of His image. However, through daily study and exercising our faith we can guard against this practice.

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      If people beame more aware of how much they continually excercise faith in daily living they may be more open and led to the one true God. Faith in most of society takes work or so it seems. People don’t realize they are already doing the work to form an opinion. There is a universally similar moral code and if we are honest with ourselves, it leads back to God. When people realize they have already put in the work, they may be more open to the idea of a good God.

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      It would make a big difference because people would realize that faith is not such a far-fetched idea. We have faith about things that happen in our every day life. Then more people would possibly be open to having faith in God.
      The significance of making god’s in our own image is that we are putting God into a box that we want Him to be in. God is revealed to us as we grow closer to Him and He is not a being that we can personalize. God is much greater than we can imagine.

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      If People were aware of how much faith have been exercising in their daily living they would be more willing to put faith in God rather than gods that cannot do anything
      People sometimes make their own gods try to find and make their own inner peace but missing because because there’s nothing to gods.

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      If people were aware of how much faith they are already exercising they may be more willing to think about putting faith in God. It is easier to think about faith when you realize you do have faith in other things. Making God in your own image is very dangerous. No human will ever be able to bring themselves the ife or peace that God provides. We are sinful beings and making a god in our image will just end up with us chasing broken idols that give us nothing and leave us, perhaps further, away from God.

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      People tend to be blind to their exercise of every day faith, for instance in every day activities like setting in a chair and by faith unaware to them knowing that the chair will not collapse. Yet they don’t think about the next breath they take is in God’s hands.

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      If people would realize that their faith is basically made of gods in their own image they might realize how this would be dependent on the time and place they live. They might see how shifting this would be and how unreliable it would be. They might look at the unstable structures that our society has constructed and they might want to look at the solid foundation of the Bible and how it never changes, yet it also applies to all generations.

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      If people became more aware of how much they exercise faith in daily living, then they would come to realize how much emphasis they do put into faith, whether this is faith in God or faith in themselves. I think it would case them to start looking inward and maybe seek out answers as to why they feel drawn to faith.

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      For some who go with the flow and believe in everything they are taught in school, they might start to wonder and get curious. They might start seeing Christians as not so crazy after all. For those who suppress God, they will continue trying to prove that it is a crazy thing to have faith in a being when evolution makes more sense.

      People are automatically drawn to something higher than themselves. They seek a higher power and try hard to find it and make peace within themselves. Something is always missing so they try and fill it with fake gods to make up for the emptiness. Some people travel the world to find it.

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      I think everyone believes in something. If people are getting their religious views from television or following someone politically than I can see how people could make a God from their own image, because they haven’t received the accurate information from the Bible. They have it twisted

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      If we all tend to make God in our own image, then how can there be one true God? Our how would be able to even identify God when we see or hear about Him. This is the problem with individuals make their own forms of God.

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      If people were more aware of how much they exercise faith in daily living they would have to become more aware of the importance of every decision they make. It would give life more purpose and meaning – that every decision we make would matter. What we choose is ultimately what we believe in. How we spend our time, money and resources reflect what we believe is most important.
      When we search for and create a god in our own image based only on what we know or want is erroneous. God is God. And without God, we can do nothing. He is the source of all truth, love, and hope.

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      Marquelle Dais

      It would explain to people who may be atheist to understand that the main reason of why they have so much faith in their belief is the main reason why we have faith in the existence of God and we can prove his existence from our experiences. Your faith can be shaped by how you continue to live your life and if you are Godly then God tends to show his existence to you through his words and his resilience to help you. In the video when it suggest that people tend to make Gods in their own image it suggest that what people believe God to be is what he shows up as for them.

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      The difference would be like scales falling from their eyes to how often they do things without thinking as they just have faith in what they do. Gods are made to give reference points to how people live their lives; what limits exist and what decisions should be made. It seems that the group tendencies are reflected in their Gods to support the groups comfortable practices. People do what they want to do not to subscribe to a God that limits those practices.

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      I think if people are more aware of exercising faith and really take time to let it sink in, they would ultimately have to ask or wonder where that ability came from. People want to shape God into their image so they can continue living sinful lives. Even the children of Israel asked Moses to fashion a golden calf to try to replace God, and they were first hand witnesses to the power and majesty of God’s miracles! People fall back to the sin nature when not focused on or belief in God. Men do what is right in their own eyes.

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      Many people assume they have no faith. As people realize that they really do have faith in many material things, it will open their eyes to the concept that they are having faith in immaterial things as well. As they become more aware of their faith, they can begin to work through what that means for their faith/or not in God. We all want God to look like us. It artificially helps us think we are doing the right things. However, since all have sinned (including me, in whose image I am trying to make God) it makes for a wobbly God-figure.

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