What do we learn about the importance of religion in ancient people’s lives from the discussion of religious artwork in this lesson (i.e. graffiti at Philippi, tombs and ossuaries, and catacombs)?

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      Reading/listening about this artwork was really interesting. From the finds, we can learn customs. The graffiti helped us understand early life and the need of the people for a protector, a God to save and keep them. The tombs and ossuaries indicate the people’s concern for the afterlife. And the catacombs give us a sneak peak into early Christian worshipping practices.

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      Religion was important to ancient people’s lives and helped them make sense of their existence. They celebrated people who brought peace to their land and some worshipped them as gods. They put a lot of effort into worshipping their gods by building large temples and making religious carvings.

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      It becomes apparent through the artwork that religion was an important part of not only the Christians but other religions of the world. If the people had no belief system, then the art would reflect more human interests, which we do find in some areas.

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      It appears, to me, based upon the ancient graffiti at Philippi it was important to these ancient people to celebrate and memorialize the gods whom they felt, “gratitude for some gift of protection, healing, or rescue; that the god or goddess is credited with having performed on the suppliant’s behalf.
      Based upon the Catacombs it appears prayer and the Biblical story were important in their lives. Their artwork most often included men in a position of prayer, religious symbols and scenes describing Jesus in His role as the Good Shepherd.

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      The prevalence of religion among ancient peoples show humanity’s attempt to reach up to God. Christians worship a God who came down to us, and this we should be proclaiming loudly. Instead, too many Christians spend their time complaining about the different religions that have come to America. Just as with the early church, God expects His people to be a light to other nations. As the song says, people need the Lord!

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      I feel people understood that there’s a higher life, the one that brings purpose and order to chaos. It must be out of our own species. For us that know the truth we know the One who brings order and gives purpose is God, for them it was the gods of that time.

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      Through Paul’s writings we see that he understood the need for the people to petition and pray. This thought is demonstrated in the crude carvings in rocks showing the piety of ordinary people who needed/wanted to show their gratitude for various reasons. Although these were not related to God, they were related to who they thought were gods. Diana and Sylvanus were two that were venerated at the time. This set the stage for the seeking of the Messiah.

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        As the first chapter of Romans explains, when humankind decided to be independent of God, they created their own gods, then bowed down to them. The religious art, graffiti, tombs, etc. showed humans’ desperate attempts to reconnect with God, but in ignorance with darkened minds. God’s people are to be the ones to point those striving to reach up to God to the One who has descended in order that He may reconnect humans back to the Creator God.

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      I heard a quote that I think describes this, Christ showed enough of himself to make faith possible but not so much of himself to make faith necessary. We have been able to find enough evidence to give us hope in him. These findings support the writings in the Bible.

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