What do you find most difficult about praying with others? Most rewarding?

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      What to say or how I sound is the most difficult.
      Most rewarding would be the peace that praying together brings.

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      How I sound and if I am using all the right words. The most rewarding thing I have seen when praying for others is seeing God at work faithfully answering the prayers that were lifted up to Him.

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      The most difficult thing about praying with others is the fear that people are listening to what you are saying and I use to be concerned about how they would evaluate my prayer. The most rewarding thing is that when two or more are gathered in Christ’s name, it may change the situation or circumstance we are praying about.

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      The specifics of my request. Sometimes I do not have to say it for someone in the group senses my needs and utter an appropriate prayer for me.

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      The most difficult about praying with others is to determine the requests for prayers. Usually, the first question we asked is, “Does anyone has any requests?”. Imagine the time wasted before the throne of grace unless we have appointed a leader to gather the requests beforehand.
      Praying together increases trust and intimacy with other members. Besides, the act of gathering together and praying in Jesus’ name is the key to promote unity among the followers of Jesus Christ.

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      I find it very difficult to pray in a group because I worry about doing the prayer properly – especially in the presence of other more experienced Christians. I don’t want to do it badly and offend people. I find it rewarding when you see the genuine glow in people after the meeting – when people feel great about connecting with God.

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      The most difficult thing is feeling embarrassed; it seems that prayer is often a private thing and I almost feel “ashamed” to do it in front of others. But when there is corporate prayer, sometimes you truly feel the presence of the Lord, and that is rewarding.

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      Most difficult: The tendency to be long-winded, either myself or others. This causes people to lose focus. Most rewarding: The amazing presence of the Lord during corporate prayer.

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      The most difficult aspect of praying with others is breaking from the prayer due to interruptions to add more detail or discussion- yet l understand because I am praying with my aged aunt and mother.
      The most rewarding is coming together via Vonage conference calls as they live thousands of miles from each other.

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      I have found that I tend to out beat the other person’s prayers.
      Having similar prayers

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