What do you think about the correlation between divine encounter and promise? Do you believe that God makes personal, tailor-made promises to us as individuals?

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      Chelsea Travis

      It seems to me that divine encounters and promise must go together as during these moments of clarity – seeing through the fog, above the mountain peak- God is giving you a glimpse into His heart for you or for his people. I do believe God makes tailor-made promises to us because He created and knows each one of us and the plans he has for us.

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      Divine encounter is an assurance of WHO is He! And a ‘sign’ of grace to affirm us of His involvement.
      I firmly believe he ‘tailor-made’ promises, and in my most recent need of an affirmation of a ‘visible sign’ – He graciously provided. No man can engineer the timing and the formation in the sky. His gift gave us the greatest assurance we needed at that point – the destiny of a loved one.

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      Our Daily Bread
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