What does Dr. Blomberg say we can learn from the result of Paul’s preaching in Athens? How is this example useful to Christian witnesses today?

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      not everyone understands the gospel the same way so we should keep preaching it

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      Not all people will receive the gospel in the same way. The gospel must be continually preached.

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      A big take away from Paul’s time in Athens is that results from preaching the Gospel in some areas or situations requires a deeper investment of time and energy. Paul also teaches us that we should interact with different people by different approaches. Not all people will receive the Gospel as a “one size fits all” preaching. People relate to different approaches. One example might be that trying to preach the Gospel in a third world community using illustrations from an affluent culture like here in the United States won’t be received as easily rather than approaching them with the Gospel in term that they can relate to.

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      We can learn that many did not believe in with faith in Jesus Christ so the gospel must be continually preached to convince people to bring them to faith in Christ.

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