What does it mean for people to “aim too low” in their desires?

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      We have attached our satisfaction to “things too low,” rather than “things above.” (Col 3:1) The focus is towards secondary goals (of convenience, of importance of necessity) does not bring about the innate fullness of joy. Fundamentally what is “things above” going beyond our ‘story’ to the bigger story of God; from my ‘world’ to that of the “kingdom of God.” It is moving towards a deeper desire – an existential purpose ( and objective meaning in life) that goes beyond having our fundamental needs met. It’s the intimacy (connection) and ecstasy (union) with God – solidly grounded that remains unshaken regardless of circumstances. “My joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.”

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      As humans it is our tendency to aim too low in our desires. As we live our lives, we tend to focus on desires of convenience and importance, but to not be aware of our critical longings, which are only met through life in Jesus Christ. As we become awakened to the fact that Jesus Christ is the only source of life and fulfillment we will start to recognize things like frustration and anger as indicators of an aim that is set too low. We will be able to see that true life is not found in our desires of convenience and importance being met, but that true life is only found in objective meaning in life and in ecstatic relationship with Jesus Christ.

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      When their desires revolve between desires of Convenience and desires of Importance. Both only satisfy casual longings and critical longings though they do bring soul satisfactiin, core wholeness, fullness etc. With only these two they are aiming too low in their desires. As there is the third, desires of necessities, that addresses the all consuming longings in us. This touches the soul life. Without the third, the first two desires often become profound demands and they can enslave people.

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      They just see what is in the immediate view, do not look to the Larger picture, or should i say Story, it is why we have fallen, we settle for less, not for the ultimate what was, we would rather stay suck in what seems predictable and safe, than above and beyond our grasp and knowledge.

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