What does it mean to believe that Scripture is inspired by God? Do you believe that, in the words of Paul, “All Scripture is God-breathed”? Why or why not?

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      To believe that all scripture is inspired by God is to put your trust in the fact that the word we study and learn is used by God to bring us closer to Him and his desires for us. I do believe that all scripture is God breathed because it helps me in my hardest times with Gods wisdom.

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      It means that all of the Bible is text that has been directly given to us by God Himself. God worked through those that trusted and believed in Him, and those people wrote down or told others of what God did in their lives so that it could be carried through time, to all people.

      I believe that “All scripture is God-breathed” as Paul said. The Bible has been created for people to have insight on God’s love for His people, which is everyone in every nation.

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      Yes! I absolutely do! If I did not believe this, my faith would be incomplete

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      I do believe that Scripture is God breathed and inspired Word of God. Today God is still speaking to us through His Word.

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      I believe that the Scriptures are God’s Word to mankind as He moved the individual authors to write and yet allowed each to use a form or style that represented their skills. The importance of believing that the Scriptures are “God breathed” is critical to understanding God and His plan for creation. If we challenge that belief by saying that only a portion or none at all of the Scriptures are directed by God and are His Word to mankind, then how can we trust any of the Bible? Also by saying only certain parts are from God will lead to erroneous doctrine and theology. We can not pick and choose the parts we want to believe in order to justify our own beliefs.

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      I think to be inspired by God means that God’s message is coming through the authors. God gave them the ideas, and their experiences, and God is using those ideas and experiences of the authors to speak to us.

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      To believe that Scripture is inspired by God means that God wants us to know something and he has revealed it to human beings who have written it down. Since God is living then so are His words, hence, all Scripture is God-breathed. It is amazing to me that words He spoke thousands of years ago to other human beings still speaks to us today!

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      To believe that Scripture is inspired by God is the same as believing that Scripture is the Word of God. I do believe that “All Scripture is God-breathed” because I have experienced the “Living Word” many times. God continues to speak through His Word.

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      To believe that Scripture is inspired by God means that you believe Scripture comes from God. Scripture is his words and ideas, not man’s. I believe that the Bible comes from God. There are so many consistencies between the Old and New Testament and the story is far to elaborate for a human mind to create.

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      Stuart Judge

      The Bible MUST be inspired by God. I believe in the one-true God, not in the fallible recollections of men, written with a bias of propaganda. And history is repleat with examples of just such writings by man! One may think that the victor writes the history, but the truth is that the writer writes his or her own version of history and, if it reaches an audience, it is accepted by a percentage of any population.

      I believe in God, in Jesus, in the Holy Spirit, and because of that, I believe that the men who wrote the words that became the Bible were following God’s plan to bring the Word to the masses. Men did not just write the words or choose the books of the Bible. God provided the books of the Bible.

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      Our Daily Bread
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