What does it mean to not only talk with God, but also to be with Him when we pray?

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      It means that not only do we listen to Him but that our hearts, minds, and souls are filled with Him and that the daily problems, concerns, and activities of our lives are left behind as much as possible.

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      One of my prayer warriors always says before we go into prayer, “Let’s clear our minds”. In order to spend quality time with God in prayer, we should go to our prayer closet so there can be no distractions from the outside. It’s difficult enough to keep our minds from wandering.

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      I say a prayer to worship Him to thanking Him for His grace, peace and His love.

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      Prayer is much more than simply a way to ask God for things we need or want. It is also the time to be with Him during our prayers. We spend time with Him in conversation (prayer), opening our hearts to Him and listening to Him simultaneously. We acknowledge when we’ve done wrong and seek forgiveness. We praise and worship Him at the same time.

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      When you are with a friend or a partner, you don’t have to talk all of the time. Sometimes, you just want to be together. You look forward to the times you can spend together, no matter what you are doing. That is how God wants us to be- to not just talk to him, but to be WTIH him- and to want to be with him.

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      We ascend to feeling His Presence with us wherever we may be, but even more so when we recluse ourselves from everything else around us to be solely with Him in personal private conversations.

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      We must remember to focus on the one whom we are praying to and not the problems we present to Him. It’s all about our relationship with the Lord.

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      He knows what we need, so he provides us with the stuff that we need. Talking to Him and Walking with him is two different things.

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