What does it mean to offer your heart as a gift to another with no strings attached? How can your offer overcome “a thousand small mistakes?”

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      “Pour out as a gift offering to God” as you serve and give to others. Otherwise, we will be looking for reciprocal treatment.
      I like this example cited in the lesson:
      “You must be a released person, so aware of the life of Christ in you that nothing matters more than pouring it out on others—something like a cheerleader on the side of a marathon race handing a glass of water to one of the runners halfway through, and when they see that glass of water, and they take it from your hand as they run by, and they take a sip, and then they discard the cup, they’re saying, “I feel revitalized. There’s been a refreshment of my soul. My soul has been restored because you gave me something that if I had not received, my soul would not have been restored the way it now is. And I’m grateful to you for it.”
      And when they complete the marathon and receive the medals – you may be forgotten! Nothing to be upset about, when what we give is an offering to God, a gift with no strings attached.

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      I can offer my heart to someone as a gift by being led by the Spirit of God in my communication. Trusting the Spirit to give me the right words to say with no motives to achieve anything other than allowing the Spirit to work in the heart of the person I’m talking with. A thousands small mistakes are the stones on the road the we step on or trip over as we go on a path to discover another person and help them to see themselves as God does. We will not always say or do the right things, but we keep going and do not abandon them.

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