What does Jesus say about wealth in the parables of the rich fool (Luke 12:13-21) and the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31)? How can you apply this teaching to your life?

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      The riches of earth will not save me. They provide temporary joy. True joy and peace comes from living a life that reflects Jesus’s.

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      Jesus stressed about those who have no thought for God or those who does not repent. I need to recognize the true value of earthly riches compared to storing riches in Heaven.

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      Wealth is powerful and to have it comes with great responsibility. To properly use it in the kingdom of God, you must decide it you own wealth or wealth owns you. If you are owned by wealth, you will fall into sins of greed, pride, arrogance, selfishness. To do so is to show contempt and disregard for the teaching of Jesus and the Kingdom of God, and that will result in serious, eternal consequences. If you own wealth, your commitment to the teachings of Jesus and the Kingdom of God will propel you to use it wisely to meet the needs of those with whom you may come in contact, to be an instrument in the hand of God to bless, which in turn will have lasting consequences as well, favorable in the kingdom. Salvation is not by works, but the calling of believers is to continue the work of Christ on earth during our lifetime.

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      Don’t let money go to your head it can never give u as much joy then having a good relationship with God. Also don’t abuse it either because God gave you that He can quickly take it away. To be wise with what gives me and appreciate it.

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      Wealth can be a distraction to following Jesus and it can become a god that might provide temporal security but it will not provide eternal salvation. Money is not evil in itself but how I deal with it as a commodity and whether I put my trust in it or God is the essential lesson I must learn and live by.

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      Many place their value on possessions not on supporting others, the rich man without possessions should still show kindness but won’t even after being told by someone living that he was wrong. Many who are rich may mask themselves as Christians, but without possessions may not serve God.

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