What does Jesus teach us about unity through His prayer for His disciples in John 17? How would you define unity in the church? Do you think it is possible to accomplish unity in the church? If so, how? If not, why not?

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      I believe there is unity and disunity among all groups of people. There are those in the church that are very much in line with the teachings of Jesus but there will always be those that must go against the grain.

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      Jesus taught that His followers needed to be unified in their common faith about Jesus and His mission of redemption and restoration for humanity so that the kingdom of God will be established. Many may think that unity can only be achieved through exact acceptance of all doctrines of the Bible by all the followers of Christ. That would seem to care an element of truth but because men have a sin nature to contend with, that will probably not be achieved until we have put of this corrupt body of sin, as Paul said. But I believe that unity of mission or purpose can be achieved if we all focus on expanding God’s kingdom while we are here on earth through sharing the Gospel with the unsaved world. Yes, we will have doctrinal differences about church life but we should all agree that reaching people for God should take precedence over how we take communion, are baptized or other debatable issues.

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      We see the Unity between Jesus and the Father and how He completed the tasks. His prayer centres on the theme unity between the believers. Unity within the church is seen through power of Holy Spirit uniting everyone together in the fruits of spirit. Unity come from being cited in the Spirit

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